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The Concept


An Integrated Approach to Healing Spaces


Conscious Design® is the integrated concept that redefines the way we look at our spaces. We are learning that we are connected: to the earth, to each other, and to the places we live and work.

Beyond beautiful, we need to have our buildings uplift and support us, whether it is our family home, our corporate office, a medical facility, or our schools. An empowered home, school, or office creates empowered people.

Conscious Design is a powerful process inviting an open mind, the ability to shift and grow, the understanding that we know much, but not everything; and the courage to make the changes necessary for the highest good. Conscious Design acknowledges the value of ancient wholistic sciences, and integrates ancient concepts such as Feng Shui with modern cutting edge research in health, Green Design, and BauBiologie™ and Environmental Psychology.

Conscious Design invites us to regroup, reconnect and revisit our concept of space. Our buildings are not separate from us, nor are they a mirror. Our space is an extended layer of us, an integral and interactive part of our lives. Our buildings are our landscape, and responsible design and building will allow positive change to unfold.

The ancient art of fengshui and sacred geometry form a strong foundation for intelligent transformational space analysis, designed with the backbone of good design, and built with the “healthy” products and recommendations found in the Green Design Industry and Bau-Biologie™.

Conscious Design™ is the art of consciously making design choices that support your life’s path. I invite you to open your mind, redefine your understanding of space, and awaken the possibilities.


“Healthy Space Creates Healthy People.”


Founder Renae Jensen