Conscious Design Dragons

The Conscious Design Institute An Integrated Approach to Healing Spaces
Classes – Community – Connection

The Conscious Design® Institute offers and sponsors educational classes, seminars, training and certifications to promote the Conscious Design Process; using modalities that create healthy conscious space and life- style. Learn about Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Green Design, Space Clearing, Intentional Interior Design, Color, Environmental Psychology, Intelligent City Planning and other healthy concepts for buildings, landscapes, interior design and construction.
We merge the ancient wisdom of healthy living with cutting edge modalities to consciously create healthy empowered space.

The Institute offers teachers, guides and associates that are experts in their respective fields through on-site and on-line classes. Our certification programs are modeled to work with your busy schedule. Our expansive variety of programs enhance personal and professional growth. We have a partnership with many different lineage teachings that will widen your perspective and deepen your wisdom. We are truly an educational community.

Our training programs bring the Conscious Design Concept into the professional fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Redesign, Real Estate, and Real Estate Staging : all that make decisions involving the responsibility of creating and recreating space. It is an expansive educational opportunity for Contractors, Builders, Landscape Designers, City Planners, and Business Leaders that are making decisions regarding land, the environment, homes, schools, hospitals, neighborhoods and cities. A Conscious Design Architect will mold his/her design with consideration of these strategic empowered concepts that will create not only a beautiful building, but one that enhances the earth and uplifts the quality of life for all people in and around that building and space.

The Conscious Design Institute offers a place of community and connection. We all learn from guidance, and benefit when we share our experiences. It is time to learn how to consciously design an empowered life. It is time to return to a knowledge that has been lost, to reclaim our power, and to heal and honor the earth that we call home.

  • Conscious Design gathers together all aspects of healthy space.
  • Conscious Design pulls all separate and disjointed fields of expertise together into a unified inclusive strategy.
  • Conscious Design gives the professional a complete profile, a “whole” picture.
  • Conscious Design enhances the earth.
  • Conscious Design improves the quality of life.
  • There is a defined link between our buildings and health
  • There is a continued decline in human health, especially children.
  • The Public is asking for solutions
  • Professions need to understand and be able to facilitate the optimal shift needed to benefit the world through space design.
  • There is a return to a holistic concept that pools expertise and does not exclude or dismiss it.
  • Identify the components of healthy space.
  • Offer advanced training opportunities.
  • Gather experts in each applicable field.
  • Offer classes, courses and training.
  • Offer strategic alliances and teaching opportunity.
  • Offer certifications to acknowledge students’ commitment to healthy space and to recognize their exposure and completion of courses.
  • Promote the Conscious Design concept and all related fields.
  • Promote Conscious Design professionals.
  • Offer Liaison opportunity for official experts to strategize and promote the Conscious Design philosophy and concept.