The Feng Shui of Business – 4 Part Series – Class 1- Creating Harmony and Balance in Your Business

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The Feng Shui of Business with Master Teacher David Price Francis
Class 1- Creating Harmony and Balance in Your Business

Consciously work with mental, emotional, and universal energies to optimize YOUR personal and business success.

Feng shui utilizes principles that are effective in consciously designing spaces that are balanced and harmonious. You can also use these understandings to consciously design your business to optimize your success and wellbeing by following principles of harmony and balance to uplift and foster creativity and productivity within your business.

This 4-part series explores how you can create a high-vibration ecology in your business and in the workplace. Learn practical techniques and understandings to create the high-vibration business you desire while bringing you the material and financial success you deserve!

Class 1. Creating Harmony and Balance in Your Business

Creating harmony and balance in your business begins with how you think, feel, and behave. As the founder of your business, your motivating reasons and leadership style are key factors in determining whether your business has an alkaline or acidic energetic ecology. Whether you are a sole practitioner or have a business with several partners and employees, whether you are starting out in your business or have been in practice for several years, the business you are involved with may be generating a counter-productive, stressful ecology by being too acidic or too alkaline in its nature.
This class will explore the characteristics of short-term, red, acid-producing behaviors and long-term, blue, alkaline-producing behaviors with a focus on a neutral, transparent leadership style as offering the most effective and productive way forward. Learn how to create harmony and balance in your business in a way that builds your wealth, health, and creates an energetic ecology you, your clients, and employees will want to support and be a part of.

All classes will be recorded.

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