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Earth Grids and Energies with Sandy Humby

In this class we will be exploring Earth Energies, Ley Lines, Hartmann and Curry Grids, Vortexes and Portals. We will be viewing this from a perspective of how that affects our energy for life via our personal Earth Star Chakra and also the energy of our homes and spaces.

During the class we will cover…

  • What do we mean by Earth Energies… are they natural or manmade?
  • Different types of earth grids and their direction of flow
  • What information the energy lines can carry
  • Manmade grids such as Reschel grids
  • Vortexes created by grid lines
  • Vortexes creates by earth currents
  • Telluric fields
  • Cosmic Portals.
  • Global earth currents such as the Rose Line and Emperor Dragon lines
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