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Cottage Garden


The cottage garden is a very popular style of garden that uses an informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. The cottage [...]

Cottage Garden2022-04-30T22:05:17-04:00

Your Office Space


10 Top Tips for You BE AWARE – HONOR YOURSELF THROUGH YOUR SPACE 1. Support – the Mountain behind Sit with a solid wall behind you for support and strength. Avoid sitting [...]

Your Office Space2022-04-30T21:54:51-04:00

Dome Homes


Geodesic Dome These attractive and low maintenance homes are gaining popularity around the world. From 1970, Monolithic Domes can be found in every American state and in Canada, Mexico, [...]

Dome Homes2022-03-31T21:29:59-04:00

Urban Gardens


Urban Garden Tips Making Small Spaces Count! Urban dwellers can satisfy their green thumb with some creative tips that we have gathered to share with our readers.A small space [...]

Urban Gardens2022-03-31T20:50:26-04:00

Love is in the Air!


Getting ready for a romantic Valentine dinner? Did you ever think to apply the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui? This 6000-year-old Chinese art of arranging one’s environment to improve [...]

Love is in the Air!2022-01-31T17:09:53-05:00
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