10 Top Tips for You


1. Support – the Mountain behind
Sit with a solid wall behind you for support and strength. Avoid sitting with your back to a window, as you will lack support.

2. More support! The Office Chair
Your chair should be a sturdy, high backed chair- an executive style.

3. Position: Commanding Corner
Where you are located in the building, your office position in the building is important.

4. Position: Desk
Your desk position is critical to your well-being. Avoid having your back to the door. A back to the door leads to paranoia, and can undermine esteem as well as creating a feeling that things are happening behind your back.

Your Office Space

5. Feeling edgy?
Check for sharp edges – file cabinets, doors called Shar Chi.
Check for “poison arrows”, pointed walls and corners aiming at you – these weaken the body, especially if the position is maintained day after day. Watch for “pillars” in the office which are negative. If possible, drape plants around these to soften their effects.

6. Feeling trapped?
If you have no windows, you can become dissatisfied with your job as you are only surrounded by walls. This creates low level anxiety, and a feeling that you are missing out on life. Bring a chi-lifting object into your space – a photo of a vacation spot, small fountain, wall mural of a nature scene-collection of shells, feather. Place in appropriate areas if possible.

7. Nothing is working right – The energy is stuck
Check all repairs. Keep everything in working order, if it is broken, fix it or get rid of it. For example: stopped clocks, squeaky doors – difficulties, water leaks – financial & emotional concerns…

8. Clutter
Causes chaos, resistance to change, inability to move ahead, “unfulfilled dreams”.
Suggestions: Work horizontally, rather than vertically. Bins that stack high with papers create more chaos and confusion. Storage should not be too top heavy, as this creates pressure down around your head. Keep storage at a low level, and the fullest shelf should be at the bottom, not overhead. Shelving with doors is ideal. Books and shelves can create sharp edges, poison arrows coming at you. Tidy work stations will reduce stress. No clutter even on your computers, clear out old files. Never block a door from opening to it’s fullest potential, especially a main front door.

9. Symbol Check – What are you saying about yourself?
What messages are you bringing to yourself? Do a “symbol” check – look around at the art work and pictures and signs, things that you see everyday, and consciously and unconsciously, they are affecting you. What are they saying to you and about you. If you have an exit sign or exit door next to you, you might be treated as dispensable. You can place a heavy colorful object, (wind sensitive, sound producing) on the side of the desk, close to the door to attract importance and presence to you.

10. Goals – Intentions
Define your goals and put an illustration of them on the wall opposite your desk to remind you. Analyze your energy – a sales office needs touches of red to stay motivated.

Renae Jensen