Conscious Design Institute Welcomes LuAnn Cibik!

The Conscious Design Institute announces and welcomes Master Teacher LuAnn Cibik to our faculty. LuAnn is a Teacher and Practitioner of feng shui, space clearing, Soul Coaching®, Forest Therapy and much more. She founded her business of Inner Harmony in 2002, and has been dedicated to that mission, of creating Inner Harmony for her clients using these modalities. She has been a teacher since 2004, and has certified new practitioners all over the world.

LuAnn is an inspiring teacher and has conducted workshops internationally. She is also an active member of The Linn Academy Council, supporting students and graduates of all Denise Linn’s programs. Her passion is seeing other live their dreams. You can find out more at and

The Institute is excited to welcome LuAnn!

I am so delighted to be a part of the esteemed group here. Renae is someone who has lit the path of understanding of feng shui and space clearing for many years, and I can remember my first feng shui conference that I attended as a practitioner as one that she organized. It changed my life, ignited my passion as a professional and I met so many wonderful people. And as a part of the Conscious Design Institute I would be honored to light that flame in others!
I love working with clients to make their life and home filled with what brings them joy, what is a part of their soul’s mission. However, training more practitioners, or even people who just want to do this work in their own life bring me much joy too. The more people understand the connection between their inner world and their outer world, the more this world can indeed change for the better.
Denise Linn would have to be at the top of this list and I’m honored that she is a teacher, mentor and friend. I have loved my connections to RD Chin, Jeffrey Yuen, Amanda Sophia and so many others that it feels like such a rich and wonder tapestry of viewpoints and wisdom.

My favorite feng shui memory.. there are so many… would be perhaps walking into my first certification class with Denise, and feeling so welcomed and at home. Some of my closest friends have come from those classes and then the classes I went on to hold. It allowed me to travel from London to Australia and New Zealand and have not only memories but dear friends in those locations.

LuAnn Cibik

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