I’m a tree lover. If you are interested in Feng Shui, you probably are, too. And as a tree lover, I’m sorry to relay this bad news, but trees everywhere are stressed, sick, and declining from climate extremes and human interferences.

That means they are “stuck” in their internal functionality. Just as when a person is sick that person’s ability to self-heal is compromised, it is similar with trees. Trees can no longer heal themselves or rejoin in their communities. When a person does a well-meaning meditation with trees or uses some kind of “boosting” device — oh, it helps temporarily and the trees really appreciate the attention from humans. But it’s not enough.

How do we know this? What makes us experts? We at BioBalia Institute talk with trees, heal trees from the inside out, and teach people how to do that. My partner, Jim Conroy, is a PhD in Plant Pathology, refugee from a long successful career in agricultural chemicals, and — after a life-changing flash of insight — is The Tree Whisperer®. I am a life-long tree and plant communicator, teacher, and innovator in Spirit-based models for working with Nature Beings. Jim and I have spent the last 20 years developing effective, consciousness-based, collaborative methods for healing trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems from the inside-out. It’s foundation is in ancient and indiginous wisdom but it’s all new, Aquarian-based thinking.

Tough Talk but Needed for the Trees

Please let me draw a couple of distinctions that you may not be aware of. WARNING: This is tough talk but needed FOR the trees and for humanity, if humanity is ever going to restore livability to this beautiful planet.

Conventional tree care is based on what we call “outside-in” thinking. Tree care people generally do what they want to do based on human-centric conclusions, not necessarily what the tree needs internally. They don’t ASK the tree about its inner health. Their maintenance work is beneficial when a tree is already healthy on the inside — which is rare. Since they have no products to apply or methods that actually improve trees’ INNER health, they don’t even know that such a thing is possible. Oh, they may claim certain improvements but you and I both know that it’s still not only product-based but also human-centric thinking.

What people DON’T usually get through conventional tree care is trees that are healthy from the inside-out and respected as conscious, living beings.

Many good, spirit-based teachers bring their students into the profound and life-changing experiences of connection and communication with trees. I applaud all such efforts. Many students get creative, moving, profound messages and insights for themselves from the trees.  At the same time, they expand their desire to save, to conserve, to protect, to support trees and forests on the planet. This is all necessary. But, trees and forests are much sicker than in the past. The stakes are much higher now.

What people DON’T get through existing spirit-based approaches is effective, long-term methods for Do-It-Yourself HEALING of trees from the inside out, especially as trees encounter more climate extremes.

Trees are asking US to ask people to be more targeted, more accurate, to address their inner health needs more correctly.

What is DIFFERENT in what Jim and I do?

First, our focus is on “coming from the tree’s point of view”. It’s what we call being “tree-centric”, or asking a tree what its life is like and what its health is like while in profound and sacred connection with it.  The approach we teach is based on the progression of the 4Cs: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and Co-Create.

Second, we provide Mindful Methods™ to HEAL trees. Our methods are permission-based, Spirit-guided, and infused with Light. We teach the use of intentional messages and visualizations that can be easily and quickly conveyed from the heart and mind. These Mindful Methods are the result of 20 years of Dr. Jim’s and my research and successful experience with countless trees and forests.

Here’s the key: Those messages and visualizations are targeted, botanically and physiologically correct interactions that HEAL trees from the inside out. To use them, we explain how people’s bioenergy and consciousness overlaps with trees’ bioenergy and consciousness so that trees can get “unstuck” and back on a path to healing their internal functionality and becoming able to withstand more climate extremes.

Our two-pronged approach is globally unique and I believe worthy of your further examination because it goes beyond recently available spiritual methods of benevolent connection and beyond current cultural thinking about tree care.

Learn from us! A collaboration between our BioBalia Institute (“BioBalia” means Biology in Balance that brings forth a whole greater than the sum of its parts) and YOU could be amazing for yourself and needed for the trees and planet.

Please let us know what you think about this idea… We will await your response.


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