An ego-driven life is primarily personally based. Ego-based consciousness is rooted in lower vibration, self-serving energies. In contrast, geo-based consciousness reflects a planetary perspective and speaks of having a larger than personally-based view. “Geo” is the prefix for words such as geography, geodetic, and geomancy. These are planetary-centered concepts. When we shift our consciousness from being personally based into a larger planetary view, we begin to truly appreciate that our life here is a temporary appearance made possible by the atmosphere, energies, and bounty of Geo, the planet. We are connected to the matrix of the universe through the gift of a temporary, mortal, planetary body. Thus, when we shift from ego to geo, we shift from a more self-centered view of the world into greater cognizance that we can only develop as human beings through connection to powers greater than ourselves. This connection to higher energies and powers is made possible by our life here on Earth. It is, therefore, our connection to the planet that is the first vital connection we need to maintain for the health of our body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Sacred Geometry – From Ego to Geo

We now shift from the idea of living in a “power-over” paradigm in which, as members of the human race – the dominant species here on earth – we can treat the planet and her organic life any way we wish, into becoming stewards of the planet. The planet’s vital resources are not ours to be used up in one generation. They are part of this place of potential growth and understanding which rightfully should be passed from one generation to the next, leaving the opportunity open for the growth of consciousness within the human mind, soul, and spirit for thousands of years to come. When we shift from ego to geo we shift into living in a paradigm whereby we voluntarily share with others and enjoy a natural empathy with other human beings. We now see others as being of kind with us and potentially our spiritual kin. This is very different from the idea of the “survival of the fittest.” The biblical idea of man being given the birds, beasts, and all of organic life to have dominion over, therefore, is given its truer translation; to have an understanding of, or to read like a book. The planet and the universe provide us with a book of living energetic connections and natural laws by which we can grow and learn every moment of our lives.

The experience of direct planetary connection and connection to the matrix of the universe brings with it a powerful joy of learning as we come to understand that we are an integral part of the Creation system. Our human template is designed to allow us to connect with the energies of the moon, planet, sun, stars, galaxies, the entire universe, and the Great Creator from whence it all came. We are not isolated. We are not locked inside our own separate bubble unless we choose to be locked into the closed-off bubble of an outsized ego identity, trapped in the lower levels of the planet’s energetic spectrum of vibrations.

History records that if you wished to join Plato’s school of human development, you first needed to spend a year in the study of geometry. It was, however, not the geometry of today but was a kind of geometry that is now often referred to as “sacred geometry.” The underlying philosophy behind Plato’s 1-year requirement was that the study of geometry shrinks the human ego. How is this so? It is because when we study the sacred geometry of the universe – including the energy anatomy template of the human – it becomes impossible to sustain the view that one’s own particular wishes and wants are the most important issues within the universe. Our lives become placed within a universal perspective. Simultaneously, our ego shrinks and yet opens up to a far greater possibility: that of connecting to the divine matrix of the universe in a fuller, more conscious way. The study of sacred geometry is a swift way of bringing us out of the locked-in ego identity of the lower levels of the energy worlds into clearer, brighter, higher-vibration energies where new ways of thinking, feeling, and being become possible. Even the word “geometry” has a clue within it as to how to expand our view of the universe and shrink our ego. It says, “Try me, ego.” The study of sacred geometry opens us up and connects us to the energies of Geo, the planet, and the universe of which both she and we are an integral part.

The study of sacred geometry causes our mind to contemplate and connect to bigger-than-personal knowings. Sacred geometry demonstrates that the energies of the universe manifest through seeable, knowable, touchable laws to which it is possible for us to connect to and understand. When we look in the sky and see a sevenfold rainbow, we are witnessing how the planet organizes energies not only according to the pattern of the five elements, as studied in western alchemy and Chinese medicine, but also according to a sevenfold pattern of colors found both in the rainbow and in the seven chakras or wheels of energy within the human energy field. This demonstrates the understanding “As above, so below,” and is a keyway into unlocking much about ourselves and the universe in which we live. When we study the patterns of the universe, we discover that the patterns formed by the energies and laws of the matrix of the universe are in us. The energies and laws that manifest within our human energy anatomy template also manifest in the universe around us. Thus, it is revealed that when we rearrange the letters in the word “universe” they spell out this fact. The energies and patterns of the universe are also and always “ever in us.”

By David Price Francis