Just as energies can get stuck in a room and need to be cleared, recharged, and made fresh, so energies can get stuck between people. The key to keeping fresh energy flowing in any relationship is the quality of energy exchange between the partners and their level of communication. All relationships begin in the worlds of energy. When two people come into a relationship, they bring their individual lives and energy fields together to form a partnership. This partnership creates a third field that I call a “mutual relationship field.” This third relationship field the partners create comes to contain the accumulation of their mutual energetic processes. When there is a good level of communication and exchange of high-level energetic qualities such as care, empathy, and respect, there is a regular refreshing of beneficial and enhancing energies in their mutual energy field. When the level of communication is low, and there is an exchange of toxic energies such as bullying, power and control issues, and undermining, then the mutual relationship field between the partners becomes toxic.

Feng-Shui For Relationships

Partners who share a mutually-supportive relationship field are happy to see each other and feel uplifted by each other’s company. They enjoy conversation and sharing their thoughts and feelings. They experience wellbeing and are strengthened and supported by the relationship field they share. A toxic relationship field between two people, on the other hand, often results in the relationship coming to an end. The third field the partners have created between them contains low-level energy that needs to be broken up and replaced with a fresh flow of higher-vibration energy exchange if their partnership is to continue successfully.

Just as we use the practices of feng shui to clean and refresh the energies in a space, so the energies in a mutual relationship field can be cleared and refreshed by the inflow of higher energetic properties and an increase in the quality of communication between the partners. Sometimes this is best done in the presence of a third person who can encourage communication and help the partners steer clear of lower energies such as those of blame, judgment, and unreasonable criticism.

An energy field is indeed a field and, in this field, we plant the qualities that will grow and be there for us in our future. When we plant seeds of mutual love, care, and respect, we grow these qualities in our mutual relationship field. These qualities sustain and enrich our lives, helping us grow as individuals and as a partnership. So, as we celebrate this upcoming Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate the love, support, and resilience that we are growing in the mutual relationship fields we share with our loved ones. May our relationships thrive and continue to flourish in the year ahead, consciously nurtured by the recurrent flow of the fresh, high-vibration energies we want in our lives.

David Price Francis is a Master Teacher at the Conscious Design Institute. For more information about David and his work please visit www.consciousdesigninstitute.com and energyworlds.com. To make an appointment with David to discuss how his coaching and counseling methodology can help you, please contact him at david@energyworlds.com or call 646 737 3470.