The Conscious Design Institute is proud to welcome Mary Dennis as Director of Design. With a background in Feng Shui, Interior Design and Healing Modalities, Mary Dennis brings her rich wisdom as Director of Design to the Conscious Design Institute. We are excited to offer her key signature program – Intentional Interior Re-Design Professional Certification.

Traveling a common path for over twenty years, Wisdom Keeper’s Renae Jensen and Mary Dennis have been inspired to work together. This collaboration is one driven by a common vision to create balance and harmony in the world with conscious, responsible, and heart-based choices.

“The Intentional Interior Re-Design program, offered through Graceful Lifestyles and Mary Dennis, was a profound experience for me. After completing the certification course, I went on to utilize my feng shui and design skills in many homes and offices. My greatest joy was to re-design and shift a 3-story office building in New Jersey – saving the building from Eminent Domain, and uplifting the harmony and prosperity overall. My confidence was supported and nurtured by Mary Dennis. My personal experience made me certain that this profound program and knowledge belongs in the Conscious Design template.

I am happy to now bring Intentional Design into the Conscious Design Institute as a key program. I highly recommend it for both personal and professional knowledge – it is great for realtors, interior designers, feng shui professionals, building trades, home stagers, and anyone wishing to design their own home.”

-Renae Jensen

Intentional Interior Re-Design Professional Certification

A Conscious Design Institute Professional Certification

The Intentional Interior Re-Design Professional Certification Program uniquely integrates the principles of Feng Shui, Green Design with Intentional Design and Universal Principals.

Your new design skills will add confidence and generate additional revenue streams. This program is ideal for the Feng Shui professional looking to enhance their business.

The curriculum also provides the tools to create a new career in the Design and Home Staging markets. Realtors will also benefit by offering Home Staging tips to their clients.

Intentional Design addresses the harmony and balance unique to each dwelling which will allow for the creation of sacred spaces.

Through the School of Graceful Lifestyles, Mary Dennis created a template of Intentional Design, which results in creating calm, ease and grace. Purposeful innovations and research enhance well- being. Teachings create a template to sustain a lifestyle that is timeless, resulting in a soul satisfying, experiential design.

Incorporated in this program is a template that can be used again and again.

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Add another level of confidence.
  • Align the person place connection through design.
  • Generate additional revenue streams.
  • Deliver value through high-quality outcomes
  • Enhance your business
  • Take a deeper dive into the science of place and well-being
  • Align through design the person-place connection
  • Use ancient wisdom with modern-day intention to craft a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Use intentional feng sui design principals to create a sophisticated and harmonious home for your family.
  • A professional language system
  • Palette Selection
  • Floor plan designs
  • Furniture styles
  • Vendor alliances
  • Portfolio assembly
  • Successful business procedures which will enrich the practice of each consultant.
  • How to blend what’s already in the space with new intentional design elements.

Feng Shui Intentional Design addresses the harmony and balance unique to each dwelling. This exceptional 5 Day program looks beyond surface decorating into the very soul of the space.

Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate and become certified by the Conscious Design Institute as a Feng Shui Intentional Design Consultant.


Intentional Interior Re-Design Professional Certification

The 5 Day Intentional Interior Re-Design Professional Certification looks beyond surface decorating into the very soul of the space. Upon completion of the program, you will be certified as a Feng Shui Intentional Design Consultant.

A 5 Day Immersion Program – Program Agenda

Day 1:
The Essence of a Feng Shui Intentional Design Consultant • Understanding and embracing your client’s intentions • Clearly communicating fees and budgets • Speaking • Professional Business Language • Biophilia, Green Design and Universal Principals • A review of floor plans, scale and dimensions

Day 2:
See the Bulk: A Reality Awakening • Floorplan analysis • Establishing a valuable relationship with vendors • Awaken the senses through the Five Elements • Furniture Periods and Styles Discussion • Selecting the centerpiece for a design scheme

Day 3:
An explorative trip to the furniture mart • Understanding the influences of style and personality • Environmental Health and Safety Issues • Carbon Footprint: Sources of indoor pollution•  Incorporating eco-friendly fabrics, wallcovering and flooring options

Day 4:
Infusing new life through remodeling • Kitchen and Bath Design • Discovering the importance of color • Design intentions satisfied with accessories, lighting, window treatments • Home Staging • Evidence Based Designs

Day 5:
Review and analysis of project presentations • Conveying ideas through storyboards • Creating Sacred Space • Graduation Celebration

Questions & Answers

While this course has been developed for every level of Feng Shui, basic principles will be woven into the language and design structure of the class.

The beauty of our program is that we tap into your innate aesthetic sense and desire to create rooms of beauty. No prior training in the decorating field is necessary. How do I begin? Simply complete the attached registration form and return with your deposit or register and pay online.

Upon completion of the course, you will be a certified Intentional Interior Re-Design Professional consultant opening the doors to the Interior Decorating, Real Estate and Home Staging fields. You will receive a certificate suitable for framing as well as a complementary professional listing on our website.

Yes. You are guided every step of the way. Personal supervision and teleconferencing are available to the graduates of the course, as well as coaching programs and private Facebook collaborative encouragement.

Perhaps. The IRS permits you to deduct course training under certain circumstances. Consult your tax advisor.

Our students are both public and professionals seeking to enhance their skills in the Interior Decorating, Real Estate and Home Staging markets. Professionals have an opportunity to expand and transition their career paths.

This course will be a combination of lecture, small group activities, student presentations, hands on experience and field trip. The highly interactive format keeps the day moving quickly.

Yes. We will provide lodging information.

Light refreshments will be offered during the week. Special dietary needs will be accommodated as best we can.

In the competitive markets today, you will stand out with the exceptional knowledge offered in this course. You will have the intentional design skills to start a new career, incorporate the knowledge into your existing professional practice, or to use for the benefit of family and friends.

Yes. Intentional Design Manual cost is $25.00. Lodging and meals.

For More Information:

Mary Dennis, EDAC

World- Renowned Intentional Design Expert

Mary Dennis is an educator and researcher of the effects of Feng Shui and the spoken word as a life and workplace strategy. Her life-long passion has been to create healing environments. She has authored several articles on Intentional Design and has been the principal of numerous publications and TV interviews relating this ancient art to modern design concepts. She holds an AA Degree in Art and Design, from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, while doing her educational studies at Glassboro State. She is the co-founder and President Emeritus of the International Feng Shui Guild. Mary Dennis holds the title of EDAC, Evidence Based Design Accredited and Certified, by the Center for Health Design. Within her study of energy, she has become a Reiki Master.

History of the Intentional Design Program

For over 40 years, Mary Dennis has been on a quest to understand the person place connection and the experiential effect of place. Her life-long passion is to create healing environments. What she has learned over the years is: We all experience physical, mental and emotional environments every day of our lives. These environmental experiences affect our attitude, understanding, and our responses to our current situation and largely define us as individuals. Our entire range of emotions, from pleasure to depression can be experienced as a result of our surroundings. Our emotions have a psychological effect on our bodies. Our psychological wellness, along with our cardio- vascular system, neurological system, immune system, and endocrine functions are all interlinked and affected by environmental experiences.

Intentional, environmental designs influence and enhance well- being. Through the correct placement of all things, a new order is physically generated to foster harmony and balance. The occupant’s intentions and hearts desires are integrated through a conscious choice of elements and energy. It is a soulful alignment, which is called Interior Attunement. Interior Attunement occurs when the inner physical aspects of self are aligned, as a result of the intentional design. Through this alchemy an inner sense of well-being is experienced and valued.

Through the School of Graceful Lifestyles, Mary Dennis created a template of Intentional Design, which results in creating calm, ease and grace. Purposeful innovations and research enhance well- being. Teachings create a template to sustain a lifestyle that is timeless, resulting in a soul satisfying, experiential design.

Mary Dennis thank you for a fabulous class that has married feng shui and interior redesign into a powerful tool for me to create incredibly healing homes for my clients.

Marise Hamm

Mary Dennis is a magnificent embodiment of Divine Chi! As a teacher, she gives from her heart, with crystal clarity. I am infinitely grateful for this experience. This course encompassed a tremendous amount of very useable material. I am excited about all that I have learned and the path of learning that will continue to move forward.

Alisa Rose Seidlitz, Optimal Environments Indoors & Out

Wonderful evolving and transformational experience. Well worth the investment!!

Sherry Ways, OM

Mary Dennis’s dynamic presentation and easy step by step guidance has turned me on for the first time into my passion for Design & Color. I am very grateful to the lifestyle re-design course that has empowered and propelled me into a new paradigm view of myself as a consultant.

Rev. Susana Bastarrica, Global Feng Shui Associates

Mix equal parts of love, professionalism, wisdom, experience and humor and you get Mary Dennis. What a deal, what a joy!! Thank you.

Wendy West

I was delighted to learn that, by following the template, I could design a room. I was also amazed at how simply, clearly, directly and compassionately Mary Dennis responds to client questions. A great model to follow. Thanks.

Rosalie Prinzivalli, Chair, International Feng Shui Guild

I could not have predicted how terrific this program would be. Beyond the information – which is prodigious – your energy and teaching style made it a valuable and inspirational education, which is sure to accelerate both my professional and personal life.

Nurit Schwarzbaum, Get Organized for Good!

Dear Mary Dennis, thank you for a soulful, empowering experience. You are a brilliant presence and I benefited equally from your presence and teachings. This program was exactly what I needed and I learned so much. I am excited to begin using what I learned to create a home of beauty and harmony.

Hana Schnieder

This course has given me focus, insight to challenges and opportunities I would never have imagined experiencing. Your knowledge and wisdom has grounded me and my business. I for-see success no matter what comes my way. You are my light. Thank you.


From the moment I met Mary Dennis I knew I was in the presence of someone very special. I had an immediate resonance with her energy and her level of conscious awareness. In my early years of studying energy healing, and feng shui, I use to put my focus on what I am going to learn from this class/teacher. In recent years my focus has been directed to how can this teacher/healer support my conscious awakening and further my development as a practitioner of the healing arts. I am no longer driven to the knowledge piece, rather the vibration of the practitioner, and how they can help raise my own vibration and Mary Dennis did just that.

Right away you know you are in the presence of someone who is living the work she is teaching. She is direct and to the point and pushes you to be all that you can be, all that she knows you are capable of being, as she is not attached to your story. The growth I have attained in the short time I have known MD is remarkable. The 5 Day Redesign program was all that I thought it would be and then some. Her manual for the class is so comprehensive you won’t need to purchase another Feng Shui book. The class broke down barriers in my approach to Feng Shui and how I analyze and design a space. MD invites you to step out of the box and take your practice to the next level. Her class is definitely worth the investment.

This program has given me a wealth of knowledge and interest to further pursue learning in designing interiors and in Feng Shui. I am eager to begin a new career and feel I have the continued support of Graceful Lifestyles and all the new colleagues I have met. The experience was wonderful. Mary Dennis is a blessing to my life and a true inspiration.

Lisa Doyle