One undeniable aspect of the pandemic was its spotlight on our homes! It prompted a flurry of online shopping for new home items, a frenzy of clutter-clearing, and a reevaluation of room functions with work and school now operating from home. Our relationship with our living spaces underwent a profound transformation.

Feng Shui encompasses various schools of thought, ranging from the ‘logical’ arrangement of physical objects, colors, and the symbolism of art and décor, to the more mystical aspects involving astrology and yearly energy fluctuations. All these approaches aim to help us harmonize with our homes better, allowing them to support and nurture us.

I live in a relatively conservative area, kickstarting my career over 20 years ago in feng shui was quite the challenge. Many people were clueless about it or, worse, associated it with a religion, cult, or even Chinese cuisine! I found that explaining how it could enhance their lives within their homes resonated, and thus, the work began!

Even seasoned feng shui enthusiasts or novices may find it beneficial to reassess their homes this post-pandemic year, particularly during the Year of the Dragon, to discern any adjustments necessary to align with their current life goals.

Why Utilize Feng Shui in Your Home?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see how feng shui can elevate your life:

  • Do the colors in your home evoke a sense of belonging and comfort? Are you stuck on how to change them up?
  • Do these colors support the functions of each space?
  • Does your home feel like a sanctuary, especially with the rise of remote work?
  • Does each room foster the needed activities effectively?
  • Do you feel empowered and secure in your main living areas?
  • Is your home overwhelmed with clutter?
  • Does your kitchen exude abundance?
  • Have you considered the impact of your home environment on your health?
  • How are you relationships, both inside and outside of the home?
  • Are you subconsciously affecting your finances through your home environment?
  • Do you feel in harmony with your personal values?
  • Are the scents and sounds in your home pleasing to you?
  • Does your home reflect your spiritual beliefs and sense of belonging?

These are the kind of questions I often pose to clients during consultations. Our homes serve as blueprints for our aspirations. While we may not have complete control over our current dwelling, our choices can serve as a roadmap for our desired outcomes. Even our clothing choices can support our needs and desires through color, pattern, shape, and texture.

In this Year of the Dragon, characterized by leadership, power, success, and abundance, it’s crucial to ensure that our work areas at home are optimally set up for success. Here are some quick checkpoints:

  • Clear out clutter from your workspace: old files, irrelevant projects, and anything hindering your progress.
  • Give your desks and surfaces a thorough cleaning, including inside drawers, to set the stage for a productive and creative year ahead.
  • Showcase books on your shelves that align with your goals for the year by placing them prominently on upper shelves.

By incorporating these feng shui practices into our homes, we can cultivate environments that support our endeavors and aspirations, making every day a harmonious and fulfilling journey.

LuAnn Cibik
Inner Harmony Feng shui, Space clearing, Soul Coaching®, and more