Lois Kramer Perez

Intuitive Practitioner, Speaker & Educator
Feng Shui – Meditative Clearing – Environmental Space Clearing
Dowsing – Face Reading – 5 Elements – I Ching

The Conscious Design Institute welcomes Master Teacher Lois Kramer Perez to our faculty.
We welcome the deep knowledge that Lois brings to us.
We also embrace her positive life vision and her passion to help others.

Renae Jensen, Founder Conscious Design Institute

I am honored to be invited to join the faculty of the Conscious Design Institute, as I have continued to enhance my life studies, it was clear to me from the the beginning my mission is to “share the shui” as I always say. It is important to give back as I receive. We are here to make this world a better place. We can make a great impact as we create community of like minded and inspired people. Together we rise. The Conscious Design Institute is the perfect place to create this expanding evolving community.

My vision is to reach more people to educate them on how to tap into “your unique power of you” to” be yourself on purpose!” I lived too many years without even realizing I thought I needed to be something or someone else, once I found the key to let go of those perceptions, it was as if I was reborn. Although I love the power of being physically in a room together, the feng shui energy clearing methods which have become part of my everyday life proves that we can connect just as powerfully virtually as we can in person, expanding the reach as there are no limits in time and space. I will continue my studies expanding my horizons, so I will have even more to share.

I am grateful to have begun my journey at time where there was a community of teachers so bountiful, every class was magical! Teresa Polanco of the Feng Shui Alliance School created an amazing program, in addition to her teaching we had the honor of studying with Mehwa Lin, David Twicken, RD Chin, Jean Haner, William Spear, Alex Stark, Mary Dennis, Katherine Metz to name a few. We were introduced to Eric Dowsett as his 3 day clearing workshop was required for our certification. After my first weekend with Eric I was hooked! I studied with Eric from NY to California, Italy, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Mexico and an amazing 28 days in Viet Nam.

I built further bonds with our community through the (IFSG) International Feng Shui Guild, created a beautiful relationship with Renae Jensen attending both Feng Shui Conferences, having the gift of more teachers – spending a wonderful day studying with Jon Sandifer. I served as a board member on the IFSG and remain a member today. I still have wonderful relationships with RD Chin, Mary Dennis, Renae Jensen and Eric Dowsett.

I had no idea my studies in Feng Shui would lead me to where I am today. When I first began my journey, I was working full time in the fashion industry. The turning point was the day I lost my passport in the airport in Shanghai, I decided there was only one outcome I would accept. I told the concierge at the hotel they would find it near customs. And my passport was found! So I quit my job and never looked back!

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