David Price Francis

The Conscious Design Institute announces and welcomes Master Teacher David Price Francis to our faculty.
David is an internationally renowned wisdom teacher and accomplished author. He has been described as an
energy master, personal & professional growth coach, and a spiritual teacher. David has successfully helped thousands of people from all walks of life.

Renae Jensen, Founder Conscious Design Institute

I’m excited to be a part of this inspiring endeavor. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to connect and engage with the faculty and members of the Conscious Design Institute community and to pass on the knowledge and experience I have acquired in my journey as an educator through the last forty years. The institute provides a medium for the cross-pollination of ideas that facilitate the deepening, refinement, and elevation of the knowledge and skillsets of our members. There is a lot of integrity, heart, and spirit here. I am pleased to be involved with this community of talented faculty and members who are continually striving to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

I believe we are entering a time of increasing potency in the worlds of fine, vibrational energy. This increase has resulted in a major upsurge in energy work of all kinds through the last several decades. To use these modalities more fully it is important to understand the bigger context of what is happening with the energy worlds of the planet as a whole. Energy work is increasing because there is more universal energy to work with. The arrival of greater levels of more potent universal energy means we are and will continue to experience effects, such as an increasing activation of our higher mental faculties (clairvoyance, ESP, etc.), an increase in energetic sensitivity, healing abilities, and more. My life’s work has been in understanding and working with these worlds of energy. My passion is in sharing my knowledge and understanding with other individuals so I can make a real and practical difference in the quality of their lives. Helping people attain the highest energetic vibration they can brings me joy.

One of my favorite memories is when I was first shown how to use my energetic vision when I was living in London, England. As I saw the streams of energy emanating from my fingers I remember thinking, “Why couldn’t I see these before?” Having learned how to use my energetic vision and discovering that each of our five common senses has an energetic equivalent, I continue to develop and use these abilities on a daily basis. I know from personal experience that we are more than physical beings. Once you see the living energy field around a person, complete with its radiant hues that change approximately every seven seconds, you can never look at people the same way again. I know that the energies of the planet are getting stronger because I’ve witnessed how human energy fields, as well as the energy fields around plants and animals, have become visibly more powerful now than they were forty years ago when I first began to see the worlds of energy. We are entering a new time in which many of us are becoming more energetically attuned and sensitive. I count myself fortunate to be able to pass on some of the knowledge and abilities I have acquired to others so we can be more sensitive to the energies of the present and align with the incoming new energies of the future.

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