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Introduction to Space Clearing

Hope Wellness Center Walnut Street, Hope, NJ

A fascinating class that takes you into the world of Space Clearing. Shifting " invisible energy" that can make our homes and offices feel heavy, sad, or oppressive. What creates the changes in our spaces, and what can we do to make them feel uplifted and in harmony?


Ancient Oil & Stones to Clear and Create Sacred Space

Hope Wellness Center Walnut Street, Hope, NJ

Join us for an empowering and experiential class with stones and oils as we learn how to identify and utilize their ancient wisdom and power. Ancient Oils and Stones are used as protectors, grounders, balancing, blessings and for energy expansion. Deana and Renae will bring years of experience with working closely with these gifts from Mother Earth - ancient oils and stones and how we can work in partnership with them in space clearing.


Space Clearing Professional Certification

Hope Wellness Center Walnut Street, Hope, NJ

Conscious Space Clearing Professional - Certification Program Space Clearing/Harmonizing is a vital part of maintaining healthy space, and has been part of our human culture and [...]

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