As we say hello to April, the cosmic energies are shifting and bringing forth opportunities for individual growth, despite the unfolding of tumultuous collective transformations that will continue for the next decade. Understanding the astrological influences of this time can help us make the most of the cosmic potential and navigate any challenges that may arise.

The astrological landscape of 2023 marks a tipping point in our world, so trepidation and confusion are running high on both the collective and individual levels. April begins on the heels of some of the most significant ingresses of the year.

On March 7th, Saturn, the planet of karma, time, and responsibility moved into Pisces, helping us to ground our dreams into reality by taking tangible steps forward in our goals and infusing spiritual ideals into our daily lives. On March 24th, Pluto moved from Capricorn into Aquarius after nearly fifteen years, beginning a dance between the power of top-down establishment and the power of the people.

Unlocking the Power of April’s Astrology

As Pluto moves in and out of the first degrees of Aquarius and the last degrees of Capricorn, we can expect the push and pull of freedom and restriction on the global stage until 2024 where it will remain in rebellious Aquarius for twenty years. Whenever Pluto is in Aquarius, we see a drive for collective equality and upheavals of the powers that be – in fact, the last time Pluto transited through Aquarius, history saw the American and French revolutions!

While a full-scale global revolution will not be happening immediately, we can expect the to see tensions rising between the collective and any oppressive systems in our governments and societies – but during Pluto’s 20-year trip through Aquarius, we may experience a powerful collective drive for equality and autonomy that changes the world as we know it.

Despite this uncertain and fast-paced energy, we still have opportunities to thrive in our personal lives by harnessing the power of the stars and working within the natural flow of universal energy. April’s astrology encourages us to be bold at the start of the month, creating opportunities for ourselves that align with our authenticity. But by the close of the month, we will be navigating mercury retrograde and a powerful eclipse season, asking us to slow down, regroup, and determine how best to exert our precious energy.

Here is a roadmap to the astrological events in April:

April 3rd – Mercury Enters Taurus
Slow down! This transit asks us to focus on how are thoughts are affecting our physical world. Throughout the start of April, Mercury will be squaring Pluto, making it a strong time to reflect on our future trajectory and how we can invest our mental energy for the greatest return.

April 5th – Full Moon in Libra
This moon allows us to reach culminations in our current relationship cycles – what cycles are you living out, and are there any habits or approaches that need releasing to reach more balance and harmony with your loved ones? This moon’s opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, may leave many of us reflecting on how we are carrying past wounds into present relationships, so be gentle with yourself and honor all of the healing you have done thus far. Mercury will trine Saturn on this day as well, making it a good day to address any tasks or obligations that have been piling up.

April 7th – Venus in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces
This is a wonderful day to take a break, appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, and spend some time connecting to your body and with nature. How can you infuse more pleasure into your everyday life?

April 10th – Venus enters Gemini
When Venus enters Gemini, it brings a playful, curious, and communicative energy that can help us explore our relationships. You may want to focus on improving your communication skills, expressing yourself creatively, and seeking out new social connections. This is a great time to try new hobbies, take a class, or attend social events. Stay open to new experiences and perspectives, and enjoy the social and creative opportunities that this transit can bring.

April 11th – Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries
The luckiest day of the year! This conjunction brings an expansive and optimistic energy that can help us feel confident and enthusiastic about our goals. Focus on setting big, ambitious goals and taking action towards achieving them. This is a great time to take risks and try new things, as the energy is supportive of growth and success. Plant a seed on this day, as the energy is supporting the growth of any endeavor that honors yourself!

April 14th – Venus in Gemini Square Saturn in Pisces
On this day, it may be challenging to muster up the energy to do…anything! Listen to your body’s needs and take some time to slow down.

April 19th – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries
This powerful eclipse marks a time to let go of the past, release what no longer serves us, and plant the seeds of our future aspirations. However, it’s important to approach this energy with caution and mindfulness, as eclipses can also bring sudden changes and unexpected events. Use this time to connect with your inner strength and make intentional choices that align with your authentic self. Avoid beginning new ventures or making permanent decisions during this time.

April 20th – Sun Enters Taurus
When the Sun enters Taurus, it brings a grounded, sensual, and practical energy that can help us connect with our physical bodies and the natural world. You may want to focus on nurturing yourself and your environment, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, and taking time to slow down and savor the moment. This is a great time to focus on financial stability, building material resources, and cultivating a sense of security.

April 21st – Mercury Retrograde in Taurus begins
Mercury retrograde can bring challenges in matters of communication, technology, and practical affairs, but is a potent time to recharge and reroute. To work with this energy, it’s important to be patient, flexible, and mindful in your interactions and decision-making. You may want to double-check details, avoid making major purchases or signing contracts, and be prepared for delays or miscommunications. This is a good time to reflect on your values, priorities, and long-term goals, and to focus on completing unfinished projects or resolving lingering issues. By staying grounded and focused on what truly matters, you can navigate this period with greater ease and clarity.

April 25th – Sun in Taurus Sextile Saturn in Pisces
This is a good time to set realistic goals and make tangible plans that align with your values and priorities. It’s also a good time to pay attention to your intuition, as the energy of Pisces can help you tap into your inner wisdom and guidance. By combining the grounded energy of Taurus with the visionary energy of Pisces, you can create a solid foundation for long-term success and fulfillment. Just avoid starting new ventures while Mercury is still retrograde, and instead, revisit unfinished projects or goals.

By understanding the planetary alignments and their potential impact on us, we can make more informed decisions and take advantage of the energy available to us. By harnessing the power of the stars this April and beyond, we can make the most of this tipping point in our world and create a brighter future for ourselves and humanity.