Monthly Four Pillars Energy Trends

The wood Rabbit month begins March 6th 2023 at 4:31am. This month we are double blessed with two rabbits. Read below to see what they bring!

WHY is the question and the answer!!
The trend this month encourages us to examine our inner motivation; or in popular parlance, determine the “WHY” of what we do. We are too often focused on the tasks that need to be done without giving thought to why we may be doing them; most importantly, whether or not it serves the heart’s longings. We can feel a certain amount of satisfaction when task well completed and yet be left with a sense that it will not lead to the desired life experience. Too often we may be reacting with a ”pavlovian” response to our personal history. Possibly due to beliefs we hold or from a sense of responsibility that has be imposed upon us. Too often what we believe to be “doing the right thing” is simply a reaction to belief that no longer serves us. We all know what we do but often are not in touch with “WHY”.

The Wood Rabbit Month

The Wood rabbit and the Water Rabbit

When two like animal archetypes appear in a Four Pillars chart there is usually a conversation or dance between the two. At times the conversation can be oppositional and reductive. At other times it can be supportive and expansive. This can be determined by examining the basic qualities of the animal archetype and by noting the Five Element (Wu Xing) relationships between the two as well as the rest of the chart.

In general the Rabbit has a cooperative demeanor and a desire to bring people and situations together. As it were Water and Wood elements work well together. Water has the ability to enhance Wood and Wood in moderation can bring stability to excessive Water. In combination with the Rabbit’s gentle nature we can expect a month steeped in optimism.

The chart’s overall element balance reveals a higher percentage of Wood than Water. This is an indication that we may, at times, experience feelings of exhaustion. This requires a bit more self care and plenty of extra rest. Another way to contend with the ambient energy is to be sure that your efforts and personal energy represent your heart’s longings. During this period take a deep look into your personal motivation. Focus more on why you do what you do and less on what you are doing and how it gets done. If not able to choose something immediately that fulfills your heart’s desires, choose something that puts you on that path.
It is also most important to maintain the most optimistic outlook that you can manage. Especially this month optimism is a self fulfilling prophecy. Regardless of the challenges you may encounter; regardless of how things may look in the world; it is of utmost importance to maintain this sense of optimism.

The dance this month is between the unstoppable flow of water and the solid growth inducing, creative influence of wood. Just as Water will always find its way to the ocean, clear and decisive action, informed by your open heart makes you unstoppable. Knowing the why guarantees that all you manifest will serve you as well as the greater good.

A Four Pillars chart is a metaphorical representation of the condition of qi in the Cosmos at a particular moment in time. The day and time at the start of the solar month can reference the energy trends for the entire month. Combined with Year and Month, we can gain insight into what can be expected. What actually occurs will depend on the choices and actions we make in an ever changing landscape. Like a weather report the outcome is not guaranteed; only the likelihood of ambient trends. These trends can be reflective of your actual life experience. For a more specific read, a personal natal chart can be drawn.

The Wood Rabbit Month

The Wood Rabbit Month

The Wood Tiger in the hour pillar represent inner process. Besides bringing more wood energy to the month, which on its own stimulates the inner creative process, the Tiger is a great motivator. Tiger does require, however, that we act on newly discovered information about the self.

The Water Pig in the day pillar brings more water to the chart, more flow, more gatherings and greater possibility for meetings of mind.
One small quirk of having a Pig in the day pillar; which is also considered the spousal pillar, is that you may find yourself bickering with your spouse or beloved more than usual. Be conscious of this possibility and you can prevent things from escalating.

With so many positive indicators the potential for an excellent month is very present. How things will actually unfold and manifest is up to you. Take a risk! Take Action! Dig deep! Open your heart and reach out!
You will be well supported this month.

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