Monthly Energy Trends

In accordance with the Asian Solar, Hsia Calendar: The Water Pig Month begins November 8th, 2023 during the Ox hour.

The Pig is the 12th Earth Branch of the Asian Zodiac and represents the 11th month of the Gregorian Calendar. The Water Pig is 60th in the Cycle of Sixty.

Water Pig times are highlighted by generosity, loyalty and heartfelt sharing of experiences. During Pig times the heart is more open. The desire to join the community of people in celebration is strong.

Sadly, this is not always possible. There is evil in the world. This is an undeniable fact and at times an inevitable reality. Whether feelings are evoked by events in close proximity or events taking place thousands of miles away, we may be deeply affected in a way that ultimately diverts from the preferred path and the desired joyful experience.

The Water Pig Month

As we transition into the Water Pig month the heightened empathy it brings can leave us feeling debilitated. Take note that Water is the most resilient of elements. The pillar this month is Water over Water; a powerful combination that improves communication and assures success in worthy causes (see this month’s pillar below). Provides much needed support for facing current challenges.

These are some of the current challenges we face and may continue to face:

  • Heinous acts of violence and terrorism, that epitomize evil, seemingly become everyday occurrences.
  • Government officials tasked with representing the interests of all the people, become self-serving agents of their own enrichment and power as well as representing the interest of their powerful sponsors.
  • Desires to live in a peaceful, harmonious world guided by principles of fairmindedness and justice might be short-circuited by ambient antithesis of peace, harmony, fairmindedness and justice.
  • Weather and environmental changes cause disasters and threaten extinction level events.
  • The positive LOVE feelings we would rather be experiencing and exuding, are re-directed to fear and anger.
The Water Pig Month

Some are the result of actions based on self-serving ignorance; others the result of pure evil. To any who have been personally affected by global or local events, heartfelt blessings!

These challenges provide contrast. They can stimulate clear vision and motivate action that brings necessary change. They can also lead to personal adjustments that result in higher states of awareness.

No matter how bad things seem, do not surrender your humanity!

A recommended approach, during this Water Pig month, is to begin inquiry inward to access personal alignment. Do so in a relaxed, meditative state to yield better results. Allow yourself to sink to a deep level. Re- connect with your essential self and experience your own open heart. Avoid long held negative beliefs that no longer serve you, as well as negative beliefs promoted by the persuasive agendas of others. Your whole and complete self has the better answers and can provide much of the guidance you are seeking. This may not solve all the world’s problems, but can help maintain your equanimity.

(Refer to this month’s Four Pillars for additional guidance)

Four Pillars for the Month

The Water Pig Month

The prospects this month are mixed:

Pig and Rabbit are two parts of The Trinity of Affinity. They reinforce the most positive outcomes in all types of relationships. They heighten intuition, sympathy and cooperation. They also combine to bring additional Wood element to the chart.

Rabbit and Horse are Flower of romance. Opportunities for new romance abound if you are unattached and renewal of romance if you are in a committed relationship

Rabbit and Ox are artistic stars in this chart. Creativity of all types is enhanced and supported. With the Ox in the day pillar, you may experience some sleeplessness. The subconscious mind tries to continue the work of the day. This may end up being a productive process as long as you don’t overdo and allow yourself the rest you require. Rabbit and Ox can also indicate self-imposed loneliness. Simply reach out to friend or family if you experience this.

This month’s Pig is a Water Pig

The Water Pig Month

The Element Balance This Month:

Water 49% – Expression – Represents our creativity and how we put ourselves out in the world. Water supports enhanced communications and increased fluidity in action. Water increases personal and institutional resilience. In spite of twists and turns, and obstacles in the way, Water will always find its way to the ocean.

Fire 16% – Power –Power can manifest as Aggressive Power (power over) or Proper Power (power from within). When it manifests as aggressive power there can be frustration from a sense of being controlled or failing to control something external. When it manifests as Proper Power, we are connected with our own essential life force as well as the energy of all there is. In this case Fire is Yin and illuminates the way with greater clarity and heartfelt connect.

Wood 16% – Wealth – Represents our rewards in life. This month we are rewarded for work initiated and completed in service of the greater good and with alignment with the desires of our essential self.

Metal 11% – Day Element –The defining element in the chart. This is a very weak Metal chart. You may experience some difficulty in focusing and in accomplishing mentally taxing tasks. Energies can be balanced by adding more Metal or Earth.

people, situations and the universe. Support comes from proper grounding, setting good boundaries and managing our personal energy through gentle confinement.

Important Events This Month

Election Day – November 7th (cusp between Dog and Pig). Choose candidates with
humanitarian intent in accordance with both Water Dog and Water Pig.

Thanksgiving – November 23rd – Enjoy celebrations and gatherings supported by the energy of the Water Pig. Enjoy but avoid the tendency to overindulge in too much food and drink.  A great time to focus on gratitude.

The Diplomat’s Song

by Yasha Jampolsky

With an open and innocent heart, I work my magic to unite
Seeking benefit for human kind, I move beyond the darker side
With skillful artistry and willing compromise
Good intent and gratitude bring home the prize
To bring together the diverse sides
And when dissent has dimmed their sight
I bring the love and all its light!
Real wealth comes from serving the greater good!

I am Hai – the Diplomat

The Water Pig Month

An important reminder this Water Pig Month:
“Love is the essence of creation in the manifested universe. Through love we open the channels that allow life force to flow. Through love we create the most positive relationships with self, family groups, communities, cities and nations. Through love we protect the environment of our beautiful home planet Earth”.

The Water Pig Month

We may not have much control over the events taking place locally or globally, but we can manage our personal energy and how we interact with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. The ripple this creates expands exponentially to positively influence “ALL THAT IS”

This article offers some general information about the ambient energies this month. For more specific guidance in all important matters, treat yourself to a personal Life Reading with Yasha!

The Water Pig Month

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