In accordance with the solar based Hsia Calendar: The Water Ox Month begins January 5th, 2023 just after midnight.

The Ox is the 2nd earth branch of the Asian Zodiac and also represents the 1st month of the Gregorian Calendar.

2022 has not been an easy year. Many have suffered the ravages of war, weather related disasters, economic hardship and personal loss from illness and disease. Yet, we have an opportunity to generate great optimism as we transition into a new calendar year. As a pivotal month, January, “Water Ox Month” is imbued with power and conviction that enhances our abilities to endure and move forward.

The Water Ox is tough and hardworking relying on strength of purpose to get results! A strong believer in the power of manifestation through attraction the Ox also knows that doing the required work is an essential part of achieving the thing desired. The ethic of the Ox evokes the conviction that work is a part of life as necessary as breath. The Water element endows this Ox month with enhanced communication skills.

The Water Ox Month

Love is the essence of creation in the manifested universe. Through love we open the channels that allow life force to flow. Through love we create the most positive relationships with self, family groups, communities, cities and nations. Through love we protect the environment of our beautiful home planet Earth.

Life is not a straight line. There are ups and downs; there are blessings and challenges. The qi goes up the qi comes down. Even the best intentions cannot guarantee the results we would like to achieve. Yes, our willingness to do the work required and an appreciation of the moments when things are going well, are essential components; but there is something else of crucial importance. Simply stated it’s the ability to endure during difficult times.

This ability to endure can hold a relationship together for decades through the ups and downs so that love remains ever-present. This ability to endure can draw members of a family group together so that all can benefit from the shelter and comfort that family can provide. This ability to endure, along with high aspirations, can create communities, cities and nations that offer the greatest amount of comfort, support and benefit to all its citizenry. Most importantly the ability to endure can preserve the precious relationship we have with the self.

Such is the greatest gift during this Water Ox month. At the same time, we are encouraged to endure challenges; and also celebrate the considerable blessings that have come our way. These may vary depending on personal circumstances and the choices made. Strength of purpose keeps the energy flowing and is a powerful force for manifestation.

In concert with the highest laws of nature and the sacred breath of all there is……..
Fierce servant of integrity and hooves firmly planted in the earth, I provide lasting structure that endures beyond the ravages of time and adversity.
My greatest love; a job well done.
In my horizon, Work is Life and Life is work!


The Water Ox Month

If any caution is to be offered, it’s a reminder that this Water Ox Month is still under the influence of the Triple Tiger Year until the first week in February, when it transitions into the Water Rabbit Year.

The Water Rabbit Year will welcome a gentler more hospitable energy. Until then, it is of utmost importance to finish the work begun during the previous Tiger Year. The dynamics of the Ox are grounded in the work ethic. The mantra of the Ox, “work is life”, is a resounding influence through the month. Persistence of effort and a willingness to take on the necessary work, however challenging or exhausting, assures success.

Proceed in the spirit of joy and satisfaction. Look in your heart to know what your work is and proceed free of resistance. It is excitement and passion about the task at hand and the ability to allow the good stuff in, that provides an unlimited reservoir of energy. This can be put to use to fulfill your heart’s desire and to keep you moving forward.

The heavenly influence this month is Yin Water, which sits over the Ox’s fixed element; Yin Earth. Water in combination with Earth produces flexible strength that is adaptable to any situation. Think powerful flow of Water contained by the transformative capacity of Earth. The potential is a high level of productivity with desirable outcomes.

Patient and deliberate the Ox can be fierce and reactive when opposed. So conserve your resources and go with the flow. The powerful vortex that the Ox creates is irresistible but only as powerful as your own. Efficient and sustainable efforts and strategies will yield the best results.

The Water Ox Month

We are always on the edge of creation. Exactly what occurs will depend greatly on the strength of collective desire. Because of the enhanced communication of the Water Ox powerful messages can be delivered through mass and social media. These can be servants of the greater good or instruments for self absorbed individuals seeking power, wealth and control over others.

Every issue can have opposing sides to it. Remain true to your resolve while also trying to understand opposing opinions and motivations. Remain focused on the outcomes you want and ignore the rest. They’re just background noise. Your asking is a powerful instrument for manifesting all you desire and will determine the quality and content of your experience.

Traveling downstream is always more desirable and productive than traveling upstream. Choose the most easeful course that will take you to your destination and the most efficient means of transport. Doing the work also means doing the necessary inner work of addressing personal resistance.

How much you benefit from the coming changes will be determined by your connection with Spirit, your alignment with your own desires, and your willingness to allow the changes you are choosing.

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