Monthly Energy Trends

The Water Dog Month begins October 9th, 2023 at 0:23AM

The Water Dog is the 11th Lunar Earth Branch and 59th in the Cycle of Sixty.
As we transition from the rigors of the Metal Rooster Month to this Water Dog Month, we can expect a significant ease of intensity and a shift of focus to practical solutions; as well a new awareness of all that is going well!

The prevalent energy during the Metal Rooster month was a delving into places and situations needing improvements. The heavy-handed Metal Rooster, has not been gentle in its revelations. The month was fraught with natural disasters, escalations of military conflicts, labor disputes, governmental discord and a continuing rise in the cost of necessities. This has left some of us reeling. It has also raised the awareness of critical changes that need to be made.

If you have been diligent in avoiding the destructive power of judgment and have risen to the higher vibration of discernment, you can easily transition into the more favorable energy of this Water Dog month.

The Water Dog Month

The focus this month is on improvements and solutions.
The Dog is one of the three guardian/ protectors of earth and humanity. Along with the Tiger and the Horse, the Dog serves as a gate keeper to help manage destructive forces. The Dog is the most ethical and forthright of the twelve archetypes. When help is needed the Dog is first in line to lend a helping hand. The only condition is that we behave in a fair and truthful way that is aligned with the Dog’s honest nature. Deceit and duplicity are discouraged and can result in adverse consequences.

Four Pillars for the Month

The Water Dog Month

The prospects this month are mixed:

Dog and Rabbit are in a six combination. Very favorable but also offering challenges that, with the proper perspective, can translate into personal improvements and growth.

Dog and Rabbit are also Flower of Romance. You may be surprised with a new love interest; and if already in a committed relationship, a renewal of passion.

Rat and Rabbit can present some irritating situations that ultimately resolve positively.

The Element Balance This Month:

Water 42%Expression – Represents our creativity and how we put ourselves out in the world. Expression, enhanced by Water improves our abilities to communicate. The opportunities will be there; make the most of it.

Fire 20%Power – Power can manifest as Aggressive Power (power over) or Proper Power (power from within). When it manifests as aggressive power there can be frustration from a sense of being controlled or failing to control something external. When it manifests as Proper Power, we are connected with our own essential life force as well as the energy of all there is. Fire encourages that we display our power in the most positive iteration of our true self.

Metal 18%Day Element – The defining element in the chart. This is a weak Metal chart. Energies can be balanced by adding more Metal or Earth. Metal and Earth can be used to enhance focus and mental abilities.

Earth 11%Resource – Represents support received from people, situations and the universe. Support comes slow and steady. We are encouraged to choose reliable and dependable situations and associations.

Wood 9%Wealth – Represents our rewards in life. We are rewarded for good deeds towards others, for the benefit of the greater good and especially by engaging in needed self-care. Wealth is available in small amounts from external sources and may not be apparent. We are more likely to find our rewards by looking inwards.

The Defender’s Song

Brave and true, entrenched in my objective,
I offer relief from unnecessary suffering.
Protector of humanity, I walk along side and
within the heart of all that need my strength.
Clear sight, wisdom and honor are my guides.
A simple vision for humanity; courage, equality, justice. I am the anthem for all that needs healing!

I am Xu, the Defender

The Water Dog Month

In spite of the Dog’s kind and protective nature, the Dog does not suffer fools or tomfoolery. Those who seek to deceive are revealed in the shining light that the Dog brings. With Water as the Stem Element and Predominant Influence this month, the potential for improved communications, personal and global, is greatly increased. Water is also the element that succeeds through resilience and persistence.

There is a certain amount of self-examination that is beneficial during Dog times; especially in regards to personal fears. Fear can be the source of negative, mean spirited and destructive activity, especially when self-inflicted. By identifying and facing our fears we can free ourselves using a ritual that aligns with our personal preferences.

Should any person or group try to instill fear in you, recognize that it is their issue and has little to do with your personal journey. There is no choice that you can impose on their actions; simply be mindful of you reactions!

The potential for healing old wounds and trauma is maximized this month. Seek help if unable to manage it yourself. Freed of this burden you can transition into more positive expectations and ultimately a better life experience of your choosing. The smooth, flowing confident nature and forthright energy of the Water Dog opens the door for us to proceed in our chosen direction in a flowing and easeful manner.

The Water Dog Month

Note that there can sometimes be a significant amount of anxiety experienced during Dog times.

Anxiety can be a reminder of an action that needs to be taken. If that’s the case, resolution can come from determining the action needed and implementing it.

Other times it can result from excitement sparked by anticipation of changes to come. In this case you may be able to reason with your anxiety with the help of some critical thinking.

Anxiety can also result from tapping into earlier stress patterns that may still be lodged in your energy field. Anxiety is a physio-emotional reaction that is largely comprised of electro-chemical activity in the nervous system. It’s helpful to face the old patterns, if you can, and determine the best way to release them. Relaxation techniques; such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, all of which have been utilized for centuries can be helpful. Physical exercise has been proven to alleviate many emotional and physical forms of anxiety. Restful sleep and good nutrition are also essential.

There are also release techniques such as EFT (tapping), Breath-work, Progressive Muscle Relation, and others, that are gaining popularity.

Spending time with friends, family and loved ones, is another effective solution. The power of love should not be underestimated.

As an alternative, if all else fails, you owe it to yourself to seek the help of a professional!

The energy this month is beneficial, but also requires that we take action to help ourselves and the Greater Good. There is much love and support available during this Water Dog month!

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