This year presents a very unique event in the cycles of the Asian Solar Calendar!

The Water Tiger Year began February 4th at 4:58AM. But there is more to this year than typical Tiger Years. Tiger years can be punctuated by aggressive, rapid moving energies and a construct that is fraught with dramatic events.

There is much more to it this year!

With all the dramatic and concerning events taking place all over the globe, you are probably wondering what in the world is going on The Four Pillars Chart of the year below provides some insights:

The Power and Influence of Three Tigers
The Power and Influence of Three Tigers

At first glance we can clearly see that this is not a single or double Tiger time period, (all Tiger years have at least two Tigers because the beginning of the solar year is always in February; a Tiger month). This year we have three Tigers; two Water Tigers and one Wood Tiger. So what are the implications?

The first and most obvious conclusion might be that the expected disruptions during a typical Tiger year have been multiplied. Because of the way that energy manifests, they are not simply tripled; they are multiplied exponentially. And so this year the yin and the yang, the opportunities and the challenges, of the Tiger Year energy, expand beyond expected limits.

These are some of the events that have taken place so far this year:

• War has escalated in Ukraine.
• There has been a re-emergence of the Covid virus  new iterations as well as the emergence of other Virus threats.
• Financial markets have been on a wild roller coaster ride. Runaway inflation has created higher prices of all goods and commodities causing hardship for many. Gas prices hit a high of $6 a gallon in some places due to supply shortages.
• Droughts caused by global warming causing food shortages and wildfires, even in places that historically have not experienced these calamities. Droughts are often followed by torrential rains and massive flooding that result.
• Because of an emphasis on social and political differences, the American system of laws, once considered representative of “a shining city on the hill”, is in great danger of being disrupted in such ways that even the most cynical original framers of the American constitution would be offended.
People all over the world have been traumatized by events that have already occurred and living in fear of events yet to occur; fear being the prevailing emotion in many places.

We can further understand the nuances of the energy trends of the year by looking at the element content of this year’s chart and their implicit meaning:
(4)  Yang Wood – In this chart Yang Wood represent Aggressive Power. Power over that is unregulated and attempts to exert control over all that is in its reach. Personally we may experience this as a desire to have power over the things that are out of our control. Or, we may experience a sense of being controlled by external forces. In either case the motivating force is linked to a fearful state.

(2) Yang Water – in this chart Yang Water represents Dynamic Wealth; refers to financial wealth as well as our other rewards in life.  Many opportunities for the accumulation of wealth exist along with as many opportunities for wealth to dissipate. It is most important to consider the risk to benefit ratio. By proceeding with care and mindfulness, we can expect a better result.

(1) Yang Earth, (3) Minor Yang Earth – The Daymaster in this chart, represents benevolent people and energies; predicts a positive outcome even in the face of adversity.

(1) Yin Water – In this chart Yin Water represents Primary Wealth; wealth that is lasting such as investments, real estate etc. It can also reference our lasting rewards in life. Again a careful allocation of resources will yield better results.

(3) Minor Yang Fire – in this chart Yang Fire represent Inconsistent Resource. It refers to support that comes and goes. Our usual channels for support may not be available to us temporarily; every plan will need to include one or more contingencies when moving forward.

Giving in to the ambient fear is not an option. So what are we to do?
“I shall not fear. Fear is the mind killer” Frank Herbert writes in his epic Novel Dune; and indeed it can be. Even worse, it can motivate some to commit heinous acts. Fear of the other, fear of impending negative occurrences all contribute to the worse possible outcomes.

In a Four Pillars chart fear is expressed as Aggressive Power. In this chart Yang Wood is Aggressive Power; and there are 4 major Yang Wood. This represents a large percentage of the year’s energy trend.

During times such as these self care is of utmost importance!
To start, this is a time to be disciplined about nourishing our bodies with healthy food, pure water and clean air as much as is possible. A good exercise routine and the right supplements can also make a big difference.

Next in importance in maintaining our balance and equanimity during challenging times, is taking care of the human need to be seen, heard and loved.  Surround yourself with as many positive supportive people as you can. If physical gatherings are not possible there’s always ZOOM. If this is not enough seek therapeutic support.

Next is the benefit of engaging in practices, that connect mind, body and spirit; meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, therapeutic  massage, acupuncture to name a few. For me music has a calming, healing and therapeutic effect as well.

Although we may not be able to control what goes on in the world we can have a lot more control of our immediate circumstances than we realize.
Although this may not be possible for all of us all the time we can make the best of our circumstances by choosing thoughts, activities and attitudes that help us maintain a positive and joyful state of mind. “Lead with joy and as much love as you can muster and the rest will follow”. This has been my mantra through some very difficult times and I can attest to the fact that it works.

There is a silver lining in the energetic architecture of the year. Although the animal archetypes are largely metaphorical, they also possess qualities that can be found in the natural animal. In the wild the Tiger is an apex predator that culls the weakest of its prey! 

In the larger scope of things the species being culled ultimately benefits and evolves into stronger better adapted versions of themselves. The Tiger is a predator but is also a protector of the greater good in spirit and in action. It is not a kind process but a necessary one that keeps nature evolving and refining itself.

In similar fashion Tiger years can be representative of the fierce uncontrollable nature of the Tiger. They bring to light the weakest aspects of society and present opportunities for improvement; and in some cases radical change. Society’s ills cannot be resolved unless they are exposed. The revelations can be difficult to endure, but when the dust clears it is more obvious what changes need to be made and there is more clarity about what needs to be done.  This is of utmost importance during this “post truth era” when we are presented with many sets of conflicting information.

The Power and Influence of Three Tigers

Most important is the realization that none of this is intended to punish us.
Even though the difficulties of the year may be foremost on our minds, many positive changes have also taken place.(more about this in a coming article)

As we transition out of this three Tiger year into a gentler, more connecting Year of The Water Rabbit, we can expect  big improvements; slowly at first and more fully as we approach the beginning of the next solar year; the first week in February. It should also prove to be a time of great change, but in a kinder more supportive environment. (Look for my forecast for  the Year of the Water Rabbit).

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