The new 5D HUman: A Multidimensional Perspective on the Rise of Human Consciousness and Our Karmic Journey through the Shadow Side of the Current 3D World!

Chapter 9 Excerpt:

To many of us HUmans, what made us feel safe in the world was having aspects of the rule of law in place represented through various governmental institutions, the police, and our military. It had lulled us into believing there was some kind of hierarchy, order, and controls in place. All these protective institutions were created in 3D (3rd Dimension). Although our societies are still very much in need of their services, especially now, as we are being faced with a seemingly out of control rise in 3D/4D Shadow, they too need to be reworked and upgraded out of their old masculine premise. As we move into 5D consciousness, we have to responsibly consider that all current rules of law are based on the duality principles of right versus wrong. With as many as we have in place, they are not an effective enough dam to curtail the onslaught of HUman-on-HUman carnage, increased gun violence and escalation in untreated mental illness. Our challenge lies in the fact that it is not Spiritual Law but 3D HUman Law that is imperfect, inconsistent, and that has been derived from the now rapidly dissolving masculine energy. As 3D melts away, this little caveat has come back to the surface to bite HUmanity in the . . . hypocrisy. The increase of the higher Light stemming from our new 5D consciousness has brought to the surface and triggered what we already knew for decades. Our world has been carrying an excessive amount of well-hidden 3D Shadow energy.

The New 5D HUman

What we did not expect to so blatantly be confronted with was that some of the same HUmans we placed in charge to uphold or enforce these rules have been behind the scenes flagrantly violating and breaking the exact laws they were hired to protect and reinforce. We witnessed this unfolding as the backdrop to the past four to five years—as everyone, in professions from policing to politics, also had their own personal 3D Shadow drawn to the surface during our bigger picture post Ascension process. We witnessed this with police officers who tragically participated in murdering George Floyd, with ex-President Donald Trump aiding and abetting the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, and with the extreme federal and state court rulings suppressing many Human rights issues such as the right to vote and women’s reproductive rights. As painful, disgusting, and disturbing as it is to witness all these events, please trust that in the “bigger picture” of what is currently unfolding nothing is being overlooked and no one person will get a vibrational pass during our planet’s current 5D Ascension process, even if on the surface it may appear that some HUmans are skating above our now, precarious the rule of law.

Our post-5D Ascension period (2012 till now) has created an energetic poultice that is syphoning out all the hidden Shadow pieces left over from our stay in 3D duality and 4D polarity. The more we consciously do everything in our soul’s power to keep moving HUmanity forward and towards the higher Light, the more we will have to expect this kind of radical Shadow purging.

As all this muck surfaces, it will become our souls’ work now to hold the space for HUman darkness to transmute itself through this part of our mind-blowing, often confusing Ascension process. Hold as many other hands as you can until this segue eventually completes itself. As we move further away from 3D/4D and create a different dimensional focus, it will be a strange time and involve a massive undertaking from all of us who are here to be the anchors through this tsunami.

In essence, you are being asked to stand strong and not overreact, being fully awake and watching as the world burns down. Yes, it is that surreal! Please make sure while you are reaching out to hold someone’s trembling hand that your free hand is also reaching out to allow another HUman to hold yours.

The root of the word authority is author. You want to be the author of your own life’s story. This means, you need to step in and exercise your authority over the reality you choose to create. Not only in your life, but in the world that you are here to reshape. The one caveat is that this new reality should not be based on old beliefs about what is right and wrong. It cannot be based on judgments, either positive or negative. Those beliefs are often trip switches that limit what we can create through using our powerful, superpowers of Light and Love. When both owned and directed, they can create everyday Miracles.

Subconsciously and consciously, we all have beliefs about what we can and cannot do. We have many built in “set-points,” delineating boundary lines and transparent glass ceilings. It can feel very scary to exceed those limitations. Acknowledge that . . . then go exceed them anyway!

A lot of these internal “stop signs” are spillovers of old formulas embedded in our prior 3D/4D training in “manifestation skills 101.” Trying to apply the “how-to” instructions from your old HUman textbook will slow you down considerably and downright prevent us from growing into our newly minted 5D life. From our upgraded 5D core we now get to radiate the highest frequencies of Love and Light, be our own “gods,” and move from being “servants” to being “masters” of our own destinies. Like how all that sounds? But for us to function like this idea of Human based gods, we first have to blow the lid off all our limitations and the way we once perceived reality and our god given 5D abilities.

The expansion and “soul gifts” that 5D brings is accessible to all HUmans – if they choose the path of higher evolution. That is the goal of 5D. To evolve into a world of 8 billion HUmans all recognizing that we are all god, capable of transmitting and receiving LOVE beyond all measures. We would be able to create this reality in a nano second, if we each gave ourselves permission to step out of our prior limitations safely, without feeling out of control or silly by the expansion of our desires.

I don’t know how the next year or decades are going to play out, and by the way, no one does. But if we are going to take this game of life to the next level, we need to stay calm, remain awake and engaged, and take 100 percent responsibility for everything in our lives. That includes the realities that surround us daily. If you are exposed to something, directly or indirectly impacted by it, if it is in your peripheral or none of it affects you personally – it’s still happening on your watch. It is happening on your planet, to your neighbors, to your world.

We all need to want 100 percent peace, and more importantly, be willing to stay the course. Once we are, then we can let go of all our resistance and surrender to that truth and whatever comes with it. Everything will fall into place if each of us stays in our own lane, holding front and center, our own life’s mission of 100 percent responsibility.

Lemurians, and many Atlanteans knew that whatever they thought would eventually become their truth and creation. They knew to take responsibility for their thinking, actions, and responses and everything in their reality that surrounded them. Because of their understanding of their place in creation, they were able to change many things instantaneously. They knew that, if they came from a certain space and place in their heart, their intentions rooted in Love would come to fruition. They understood that all acts of creation affected everyone else in tandem. If they could sense something using any of their available sixteen HUman senses, and focus their LOVE and LIGHT on it, then it would be immediately put into play as a new, accessible version of reality.

Higher beings, as well as many Earth-based HUmans who carry the consciousness of the Lemurians within themselves, hold the secrets of this ancient sacred knowledge of creation. Some of these secrets are now in our consciousness, but most of them are still in our subconscious. With each incremental sleep that we gradually awaken from, the information we so cleverly stored within our souls’ DNA becomes active and conscious.

Although it took us a long time to get here, we had to first be able to transmute lifetimes of trauma that was still stored in our subconscious memory bank. That is why many of you reading this have probably gone through hell and back during this current lifetime. We had to clear our own Shadow experiences to be the clearest conduit possible to help serve during this very tumultuous time on the planet. Our souls knew that if we ever were to reach this pivotable time on the planet that we would commit the power of our LIGHT to transmuting every drop back to LOVE.

Just as a homeopathic remedy is sometimes a tiny “poison” that initiates an ultimate cure, I hold the space for all the Shadow that has now come to the surface in our world to not just be another cycle of our Karmic past to be repeated, but for us as a collective to combine our Light and finally transmute it for once and for all. HUmanity has recreated a set of circumstances so mind-blowingly precise that nothing short of an all-hands-on deck “miracle” could have pieced it together. You, I, and everyone else is very much a part of that miracle.

The purpose of spiritual life on Earth, especially for LightWorkers and ShadowWorkers with the bigger picture assignment of raising the frequency of HUmanity’s collective consciousness, can be difficult to grasp. A lot of our work here was, and is to also make peace with our HUman Shadow creations, miscreations and those of others. The collective of what we witness daily and often detest, is only reflecting the untransmuted Shadow energies that collectively still exist in each of us.

This horrifically unpleasant period in history is designed to deliver us to a much higher-level consciousness, that is, if we let it take us there.

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