Monthly Energy Trends

The Metal Rooster Month begins September 8th, 2023 at 6:38 AM

The Rooster is the 10th Earth Branch Metal Rooster is 58th in the cycle of 60.
The Metal Rooster struts in announcing that it’s “Back to School time”.
A time to focus on intellectual and academic pursuits. For some it will be a month of reckoning that will require deeper self examination and self correction; for others an opportunity to continue important work they have been engaged in.

GROWTH AND INNOVATION IS OFTEN BORN OUT OF CHAOS. After the stormy energy of the past Monkey month, we can expect a modicum of calm to return. This is an important component for the appreciation and integration of changes that are occurring.

The Metal Rooster Month
The Metal Rooster Month

During Rooster times information that affects us personally is often delivered and perceived in harsh terms. The Rooster tends to pick at surface appearances in order to reveal the raw underbelly of a situation. This combined with residual confusion remaining from the previous Monkey month, can put you off balance. It can pre-dispose you to act out of fear driven judgment. This would not serve your better interest or the greater good!

If you find yourself judging people, places or situations, and making decisions based on those judgments take a breath, meditate, take the time to determine the bigger truth that accurately represents your essential self. You will be better positioned to act from a higher place.

Seeking perfection is inadvisable. The urge may be strong but perfection may not be attainable and will likely squander precious energy and resources that are better directed to opportunities that manifest. Be clear of your goals and passions and invest yourself there.

You are not alone! Success in overcoming potential challenges may require that you gain support by grouping with like minded people and taking action as necessary. It’s essential to strive to better understand those who hold different or opposing views and beliefs. Avoid conformity when with a group. It can become a destructive force that undermines the greater good. Avoid taking insults personally!

Truth is Strong medicine with the power to heal. Taking a good look at ourselves fully empowers us and positions us to change the things that we can change and choose wisely in all matters. Practice self awareness without judgment! It’s essential to avoid judging ourselves and others, and to make kindness the rule. The willingness to own our past mistakes without assigning blame to self or others is crucial.

Discernment is a better alternative to judgment. Discernment is a keenly selective and ethically grounded method of understanding, people, places and situations. It’s best achieved through a process of intelligent inquiry and investigation, guided by your highest and most spiritual states of being.

The Metal Rooster Month

Four Pillars for the Month

The Metal Rooster Month

The prospects this month are mixed:

Rooster and Rabbit are in a 180° opposition. This is an opportunity for the inner critic presented by the Rooster to learn the kinder, gentler ways of the Rabbit and for the gentle Rabbit to learn the effective and expedient ways of the Rooster.

Rooster and Snake belong to the Mentalist Trinity. When they combine they bring more Metal. This indicates additional support for intellectual and academic pursuit.

Snake is an Empty Branch in this chart. Its location in the Day Pillar indicates possible spousal discord. This can be avoided by being more considerate and understanding and making a greater effort to communicate clearly. Best to not take anything that offends personally.

Rabbit, in the Hour Pillar indicates excellent sleep at night; also the potential for having peaceful thoughts. Meditation is highly recommended to enhance the experience.

The Element Balance This Month:

Metal 43% – Expression – Represents our creativity and how we put ourselves out in the world. Expression manifests as a support for intellectual and academic pursuits including high level scientific research.

Wood 20% – Power – Power can manifest as Aggressive Power (power over) or Proper Power (power from within). When it manifests as aggressive power there can be frustration from a sense of being controlled or failing to control something external. When it manifests as Proper Power we are connected with our own essential life force as well as the energy of all there is.

Fire 17% – Resource – Represents support received from people, situations and the universe. Support comes in a highly visible form and from unexpected sources.

Earth 10% – Day Element – The defining element in the chart. This is a very weak Earth chart. Energies can be balanced by adding more Fire or Earth.

Metal 9% – Wealth – Represents our rewards in life. We are rewarded for good deeds towards others, for the benefit of the greater good and especially by engaging in needed self care. Some of this may come in financial form, others times it manifests in a more esoteric form. Your rewards in life may not be easily defined. A little extra effort may be required to fully manifest them.

Water 7 % – Wealth – Represents our earned rewards in life. This month we have to work a little harder to receive reward.

The Metal Rooster Month

This month’s Rooster is a Metal Rooster

The Overseer’s Song

With a watchful eye and a razor tongue I patrol the world searching for perfection and restoring order wherever I journey.
My essence and passion is flawless precision. My dedication and persistence uncover faults, perhaps unseen.
Seemingly a harsh taskmaster, I apply my perspective universally to all with devotion to the greater good.
My committed goal is justice for all and an orderly environment. Relentless in my pursuit of truth my message can be harsh at times but gets to the point and gets it done.

I am You, the Overseer!

The Metal Rooster Month

Life can be full of adversity. The pain and loss that adversity brings cannot be minimized. The hurt felt by people who survive severe weather or geophysical events is real. I urge any of you in a position to materially contribute to their recovery to do so. If you do not have material resources to offer please offer your service, prayers and any kind of spiritual giving you are able to provide.

Acting to help those who have experienced the calamities of war, extreme weather or wild fires, elevates you while helping them and is completely aligned with the Rooster’s sense of universal justice. Do this even if you have experienced adversity yourself. You may discover that it leads to a new pathway for self healing and personal restoration and a greater connecter with the power of gratitude.

Whatever providence may bring this month, connect with the peace already within you.

The Metal Rooster Month

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