The Metal Pig Month begins on November 7th just past midnight. (early morning November 8th)

Perhaps it’s simply coincidence??? November hosts two important National events that are in strong alignment with the energy of the Metal Pig; Election Day and Thanksgiving.

The first event, Election Day, was initiated by the Founders so that many more people could be involved in choosing the country’s leaders. It is the foundation of American Democracy and offers every citizen a chance to participate. In a free and fair election, a larger portion of citizenry is represented by the elected.

This aligns with The Pig’s undying commitment to the betterment of humanity through fairness, justice, truth and building strong communities. Pig also abhors falsehood and hypocrisy and has a disdain for the mistreatment and victimization of others.

The Metal Pig Month

Famous for advanced powers of diplomacy, the Pig is also an effective arbiter and facilitator of peaceful resolution of differing positions, opinions and beliefs. The Metal Pig is the most dynamic and energized of the 5 Pig types and possesses the strength and persistence to see any challenge to a successful resolution.

What better way to express and act on the higher principles of the Metal Pig than to be able to go to the polls and choose candidates that will best serve the needs of people, their communities and the greater good.

Be sure to vote. When choosing, disregard the disinformation we are bombarded with daily. Seek underlying truth based on actual facts; even if it takes digging deep. Use you objective senses as well as your heart to determine candidates most aligned with your personal interests and the greater good. Avoid candidates that promote violence as a means of achieving political ends and especially avoid candidates that are motivated by their own self interest and personal agenda. This is of great importance. The right choices are supported by the energy of the Metal Pig and are bound to lead to a brighter future.

The Metal Pig Month

The next event, Thanksgiving, is emblematic of families and friends gathering around the table to give gratitude and enjoy food and drink. The Pig loves all types of gatherings; whether they are social or otherwise, they are favored during Pig times. This is especially true when quantities of food and drink are involved. One caution though, avoid overindulging; a tendency that the Pig is famous for.

The ritual of giving thanks or expressing gratitude is an important way to cleanse our energy field of residual negative feelings or memories of things that we perceive as having have gone wrong. It is a direct acknowledgement of the many more things that have gone well. We are encouraged during this time to make a gratitude list. Once you make your list you will most likely discover that your life is filled with many more things to be grateful for. Even challenges, when addressed properly and with good humor, can be opportunities that stimulate your personal growth and create an abundance of love; as well as an abundance of all you consider to be your rewards in life. This is well supported during the Metal Pig Month.

Having a heart centered gratitude practice reconnects us with our essential selves and re-directs our focus. It’s a powerful way to manifest more of the life we desire. The benefits are magnified when we are surrounded by our loved ones at the Thanksgiving table.

This Pig month, during this “Triple Tiger Year”, is an especially powerful time. Pig has a special relationship with Tiger referred to as, “Six Combination”. This means that the energies of the three Tigers and Pig can act in concert to promote positive change. 

The Influence of the Metal Pig also encourages kindness and greater understanding between people of differing beliefs.  This is most welcome during these times of global and domestic discord!

Coincidence? I don’t think so!

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The Metal Pig Month
The Metal Pig Month