Monthly Energy Trends

The Metal Monkey Month begins August 8th, 2023 at 3:16 PM

The Metal Monkey is the 9th Earth Branch and the 57th Palace in the Cycle of Sixty.
With the coming of the Metal Monkey month, we welcome a month of excitement and surprises. Let your imagination go and watch as things you thought impossible manifest.

Quick witted and optimistic, the Monkey is the symbol of universal success through imagination. Able to overcome impossible odds, the Monkey is a master of innovation and creative solutions. The Metal Monkey urges us to dive in, leave comfort behind, and fully experience the adventure that life can be.

Although enthusiasm is a dominant theme; don’t be misled. The road ahead may be full of twists and turns and may not always lead to your desired destination. Being quick to adapt to changing scenarios and clear thinking are essential for success:

Take some time. Check your personal alignment. Determine if the rewards are worth the risks.

Though you may be distracted by the carnival atmosphere and temptations that the Metal Monkey Month brings, remain true to your purpose. Avoid being seduced by the commotion that surrounds you. True guidance is deep inside. It can be found within the silence that resides there. Balance and alignment are paramount. Most important are flexibility and a willingness to change course as needed.

The Metal Monkey Month

Additional benefits, this metal monkey month, include the possibility for improved finances, increases in celebrations through parties and fun gatherings, and greater success in completing projects you have taken on independently. Should any obstacles appear in your path, the dogged determination inspired by the Metal Monkey will surely get you through it.

Uncertainty is a current reality. What is today may not be tomorrow. Keep your head on a swivel so that you can take in all that comes your way. You will gain the understanding and flexibility that the changing landscape requires. Follow the way of the Metal Monkey, master of uncertainty, you may find the exact insight to fit the exact situation and maybe find comfort even in uncertainty!

The Metal Monkey Month

Four Pillars for the Month

The Metal Monkey Month

The prospects this month are mixed:

Rabbit and Monkey combine to create a tendency to let small things become irritants. With higher awareness these can be overcome.

Rabbit and Dog are in a six combination and imbue the month with added positive energy that can be useful in completing tasks but can also manifest small frustrations.

Rabbit and Tiger together form a combination known as “Flower of Romance”. This refers to energies that support romantic and passionate coupling; an increase in new possibilities if you are unattached; a renewal of passion if you are in a committed relationship.

Rabbit and Tiger are good friends but also can result in subtle irritation. This can often manifest during gatherings of family or friends. This can be avoided by exerting a bit of caution and focusing on positive interactions.

Dog and Tiger belong to the group known as “protectors”. This is an auspicious combination that creates additional Fire energy and offers protection especially when putting ourselves out into the world.

The Tiger in the Hour Pillar can indicate an increase in inner impatience that can turn into outward aggression, but also a desire to move ahead in a more rapid pace.

Tiger and Monkey are in a 180° opposition. An opportunity for the Monkey to focus better on what’s coming down the road and the Tiger to embrace the moment without with greater ease.

This month’s Monkey is a Metal Monkey

The Metal Monkey imparts its very strong- willed nature in the energy of the month. You may experience the determination of the Metal Monkey as too much energy coming to fast. If you are willing to let go and go with the current you may get to your destination with less fuss than expected. This does not preclude doing the necessary work needed to achieve your desired result with a willingness to change course as situations change. The key is finding the balance between being within and without the limits of your own comfort zone.

The Metal Monkey Month

The Element Balance This Month:

Metal 35% – Expression – Represents our creativity and how we put ourselves out in the world. Expression is accessed by looking inward this month. Creative urges are enhanced, defined and expressed productively.
Wood 25 % – Power- Power can manifest as Aggressive Power (power over) or Proper Power (power from within). When it manifests as aggressive power there can be frustration from a sense of being controlled or failing to control something external. When it manifests as Proper Power we are connected with our own essential life force as well as the energy of all there is. This month we can expect both. Ultimately how power will manifest, this month, is a personal choice that needs to be made.
Earth 19% – Day Element- The defining element in the chart. Earth is the element of transformation. This is a totally weak Earth chart; also called Earth Follows Metal. Although the Day Element is weak opportunities present themselves that can lead to unimaginable success and wealth.
Water 17% – Wealth – Represents our rewards in life. We are rewarded for good deeds towards others, for the benefit of the greater good and especially by engaging in needed self care. Some of this may come in financial form, others times it manifests in a more esoteric form. Time spent near water can enhance the flow of rewards.
Fire 4% – Resource – Represents support received from people, situations and the universe. We can expect support from unexpected sources often subtle and in gentle form.

The Navigators Song

The Qi goes up the Qi goes down. The Qi goes round; now to the left, now to the right.
I am at your side through every twist and turn. You are Captain and Commander of your own journey.
From my high perch I can see all that is.
I am simply the navigator that can reveal new and exciting pathways to your destination. The choice of path is always yours and if you dare to follow the road not taken, you may find your pot of gold.
Fear not if the way seems uncertain, my golden lantern can illuminate even the darkest corridor and my powerful magic can bring safety to even the most hazardous byway!
I am Shen, the Navigator

The Metal Monkey Month


As the energy of the Metal Monkey month provides action and stimulation, prepare yourself for wonderful surprises and many new ways to embrace and share in the joy that is ever abundant.


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