Monthly Energy Trends

The Fire Snake Month begins May 6th, 2023 at 2:33 AM

As we enter the “Start of Summer Season” the Fire Snake exerts its powerful influence bringing much needed higher wisdom to troubled times!

We live in an age of data exploitation. The collection and dissemination of data is being used to manipulate individuals as well as the group mind is to serve specific agendas in pursuit of profits and power. This is facilitated by innovations in technology, especially efficacy in social messaging and the development of AI Science. The adverse effect is a normalization of untruths and the confusion and divisions that ensue. This is taking place locally, nationally and internationally. The social and political divisions pose a danger to many people as well as to established conventions that offer protection from injustice.

The Fire Snake Month

The Fire Snake offers solutions in the way of cosmic light bulb moments that can awaken the world to essential truths based on higher wisdom. Essential if we are to succeed in navigating this perplexing environment.

The Fire Snake Month

The Fire Snake Month

The Fire Snake Month

Fire is both the Heaven stem this month, and the fixed element carried by the Snake. Fire is the element most associated with “Heart Energy”. The powerful messaging of the Fire Snake suggests that the search for truth be focused inward. Unlike the advice given by the “X-files”, the truth is not out there; the truth is inside where the “Heart Energy” is. So look inside instead for there you can find your personal truth as well as the truths of all there is.

Fire energy brings clarity. Looking inward the truth you discover is based on higher wisdom. An important truth is that people have far more that brings them together than what divides them. Concentrate on that truth with clarity and the real problems facing our world are more likely to be resolved.

Climate change, worldwide inflation, food insecurity, the danger of emerging pandemics, hatred of “The Others” , and explosive territorial conflicts, to name a few. These are the real threats to humanity; clear and present dangers that require our full attention. These can be addressed with greater success when the many can act as one in spite of differences. Indeed the nature of humanity is that of a multitude that consists of individuals; each with a unique cocktail of opinions and preferences. Guided by the fire of the heart the many can join to resolve the real challenges. We are better and stronger together!

Fire is the Element most closely associated with technology. Technology can be both problem and solution, depending on how it is deployed. Making proper constructive use of advancements in technology is highly encouraged this month.

The Snake’s movements, usually subtle and almost imperceptible, are animated, aggressive and relentless, this Fire Snake month. Fire demands that we put our most essential selves forward so that we can truly be seen and heard. Done with heartfelt honesty, many obstacles can be eliminated. A most worthy goal, is to turn the energy that has been used to create division and discord around, to bring people together in service of worthwhile causes that serve the greater good. Supported by the energy of the Fire Snake, success is far more likely.

The Fire Snake Month

The Element Balance This Month:

Fire 31% – Expression – Represents our creativity and how we put ourselves out in the world. Most important is to present our creative achievements this month. Of added importance with Fire having such a prominent presence in this chart.
Wood 28% – Day Element – The defining element in the chart. Wood is in a normal range and brings stability to the month as well as supporting Fire activities.
Water 21% – Resource – Represents support received from people, situations and the universe. There is very little available this month and we do best depending on our personal resources.
Earth 16% – Wealth – Represents our rewards in life. We are rewarded for good deeds towards others, for the benefit of the greater good and especially by engaging in needed self care.
Metal 5% – Power – Power can manifest as Aggressive Power (power over) or Proper Power (power from within). In this chart there is a small amount of each. Power is only 5% of this chart and exerts only a minor influence.

An important note is the Snake’s role as an empty Branch in this chart. Empty Branches point to challenges karmic and current. This increases the importance of addressing matters related to “Higher Wisdom”. Both challenges and solutions can be uncovered by fully engaging with matters that pertain to “Higher Wisdom”.

Inspired by intuitive understanding and connection to multiple fiery sources, I use my highly developed intelligence, wisdom and abundant strategic skills to improve the lot of the world.
I am charged with bringing peace everywhere I go.
You may not always notice my presence, but you can feel the result of my fiery strength.
I am here to serve higher causes and provide justice for the weak and underserved with a force that is unstoppable!

The Fire Snake Month

More About the Energy of the Month that May Interest You

The Fire Snake Month

In addition to the Fire Snake’s considerable influence on the month, this chart has a Wood Ox in the Hour Palace that provides additional support and momentum to all that the Fire Snake endeavors to accomplish; also supportive to all who are willing to do the work that brings them closer to discovering their own truth.

The Wood Rat in the Day Palace provides even more strategic inspiration in addressing all essential tasks and for the resolution of challenges faced.

Rounding things off, the Gentle Rabbit in the Year Palace provides needed empathy and a desire to end suffering for the less fortunate.

Our actions are guided by beliefs. Determining personal truth as well as greater truths is of utmost importance and can be challenging at times. In many ways the process can be a simple one. It requires shutting out the pervasive noise being broadcast. Instead direct attention to the subtle, light filled energies that originate in the open heart. This raises the level of mindful-awareness and results in greater connection with and a superior consciousness of all that is. The fire of this month’s Snake expands the light and provides the needed supports!

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