Monthly Energy Trends

The Earth Sheep Month begins July 7th, 2023 at 6:10 PM

With the coming of the Earth Sheep month, we welcome a month of joyful get-togethers of family, friend groups and communities. The message is one of peaceful restoration from the huge energies expanded during the previous month.

The Horse month has been an impulsive, highly volatile and chaotic time; fraught with unregulated energies expressing themselves as global and local conflicts. These high energy times are essential so that humanity may grow and progress.

Just as essential are the periods of calm that follow. Such is the nature of the Earth Sheep Month. It is a time for finding respite in the warmth of our loved ones’ auras. A time for refocusing our energies and purpose. A time for enjoying the restorative nature of loving gatherings and interactions as well as Nature itself. A time of enhanced creativity when you are encouraged to express yourself. Most importantly a time to experience the pure joy of simple beingness.

The Earth Sheep Month

As much as the Horse month has been an anthem for freedom, punctuated by celebrations such as the “Pride Month”, ”Juneteenth” and “Fourth of July”; this Earth Sheep month is one of returning to the most essential parts of ourselves with a brighter outlook. Those parts that have evolved through our life experience as well as what has been passed on from family and ancestors; such as our physical DNA and energy DNA.

As we transition into the Earth Sheep month we can expect a kinder gentler experience!

Four Pillars for the Month

The Earth Sheep Month

The prospects this month are very auspicious:

Rabbit and Sheep belong to the same trinity group known as The Catalysts. This is a favorable combination and forms additional Wood element. Wood supports the starting and completion of creative endeavors.

Rabbit and Tiger together form a combination known as “Flower of Romance”. This refers to energies that support romantic and passionate coupling; an increase in new possibilities if you are unattached; a renewal of passion if you are in a committed relationship.

Rabbit and Tiger are good friends but also can result in subtle irritation. This can often manifest during gatherings of family or friends. This can be avoided by exerting a bit of caution.

The Rooster in the Hour Pillar can indicate an increase in self criticism. Be mindful of your inner critic. If it should take hold you can mitigate this with the appropriate self care.

Rooster and Rabbit are in a 180° opposition. An opportunity for the inner critic represented by the Rooster to learn the kinder, gentler ways of the Rabbit and for the gentle Rabbit to learn the effective and expedient ways of the Rooster.

This month’s Sheep is an Earth Sheep. Earth Sheep imparts its gentle nurturing influence on all it encounters. Deeply loyal to family and friends it thrives in gatherings and celebrations of all kinds. Considerate behavior and caring are the order of the day. Although this is a time to put leisure in the forefront it is also a time to embrace reliability and a strong work ethic. Although there may be a tendency to put others before us, it is most valuable to indulge in earned rewards.

The Earth Sheep Month

The Element Balance This Month:

Fire 32% – Day Element- The defining element in the chart. This is a balanced Fire chart .Fire is also a beneficial element in this chart.
Earth 30% – Expression – Represents our creativity and how we put ourselves out in the world. Expression is grounded and mellow this month. Creative urges are
enhanced, defined and expressed productively.
Wood 20% – Resource – Represents support received from people, situations and the universe. We can expect support from unexpected sources often subtle and in gentle form.
Metal 9% –Wealth – Represents our rewards in life. We are rewarded for good deeds towards others, for the benefit of the greater good and especially by engaging in needed self care. Some of this may come in financial form, others times it manifests in a more esoteric form. Your rewards in life may not be easily defined. A little extra effort may be required to fully manifest them.
Water 7 % – Power- Power can manifest as Aggressive Power (power over) or Proper Power (power from within). When it manifests as aggressive power there can be frustration from a sense of being controlled or failing to control something external. When it manifests as Proper Power we are connected with our own essential life force as well as the energy of all there is.

The Peacemaker’s Song

Come rest in the shelter of my tranquility. You are all family in my eyes!
Guided by the kindness of my heart,
I can find beauty in all there is and with my endless creative passion, I can manifest splendor even in a void. There is much abundance and it can satisfy all.
Pointless conflict is a waste of life and can be handily balanced if all have a seat at the table and an opportunity to be seen and heard. Come celebrate with me the joyful beauty when we gather.
I am Wei , the Peacemaker

The Earth Sheep Month

Balancing the energies of Heaven and Earth, the gentle Sheep, lovingly gazes into the eyes of its siblings. In a flash of insight the realization emerges of the oneness in the many!


The Earth Sheep Month

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