Gathering around a table with our family to share a meal is the ultimate expression of love and abundance. In primal times, the gathering and dining would have been around a fire, where food was prepared and then shared.

The elements of dining and the dining room are related to earth. This is a place where we replenish our bodies with the earth’s harvest – a place of gathering-conversation-relaxation-interaction. It is also a place of friendship and relationships, as we don’t often invite unwanted people to share our meals with us. The dining room is a symbol of prosperity as we enjoy our food – reaping the rewards of our work.

Today, the dining room is rarely used on a regular basis, usually saved once or twice a year for a holiday. Fast foods, empty chairs and special occasions come to mind when we think of dining rooms today. Many homes don’t have a separate dining room. Take heart! We can still create the “dining” experience at our kitchen table.

The Delicious Dining Room

Conscious Design encourages us to honor ourselves and our family. Make a conscious effort to create a good atmosphere for family harmony, healthy digestion and nourishment. Play soft music in the background. Turn off the television and move the cell phones out of reach.

Set the table with beautiful linens and candles, even if you are dining alone. Dining alone can be a time of inner peace and empowerment. Create a dining ritual. Slow down and enjoy foods and each other.

Dining Chairs:
Chair style is not an issue, but safety and security is. Chairs should support your weight and invite you to sit in comfort. No toes or legs protruding out to hit your knees or bump your toes. Watch sharp points and edges. Feel the back of the chair. Does it poke you or feel uncomfortable? Each chair needs to be comfortable and sturdy for yourself and your guests. Are all the chairs equal or do you have the formal king-queen chairs with the “servant” chairs lined up along the sides of the table?

Dining Tables:
In Feng Shui, the ideal shape is a round or oval table. A circular round table creates a natural dynamic that invites equality and stimulates conversation. A rectangular table is a formal shape, with a “king” and “queen” chair at both ends of the table. The rectangular table is traditionally used for more formal family gatherings, holidays, and important occasions. If you do use a rectangle or square shaped table, remember to use a beautiful table cloth to cover the sharp table edges.

Above all, use colors that display the essence of the event and season. Bring beauty to your gathering. Make the effort, the rewards are bountiful.