Looking for romance in your life? Whether you are looking to attract a new love into your life or spark the flame and freshen up a current relationship, the first place to look is your home.
Too much “stuff” will stifle a relationship or block incoming opportunities. Neglected areas in your space reflect a part of your life that is neglected. What is happening in the places where you spend the most time?
Which places feel good? What annoys you? Which areas do you avoid?
Each area of your space is related to an area of your life.
Your space is always having a conversation with your subconscious. It is time to get involved in the conversation.

The Connection of Heart and Home

Here are a few simple Feng Shui Principles to get you started:

  • Create Fabulous Firsts: What you see is what you become whether you are conscious of it or not. Notice how you feel, and all your “Firsts” should be “Fabulous” How do you feel when you enter your home, what is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and when sitting at your desk or in your favorite chair. How do you want to feel with your partner?
  • Be in Command. Have your back supported, with an easy view of what is coming. This allows the central nervous system to remain in a calm state, creating a secure feeling without distraction. You are ready to receive all opportunities awaiting you. With your back to a door, you are sending a message to be left alone. Lying in your bed have a clear view of the door. Is your bed on a door wall? Add a mirror in the opposite corner so that you can see the door.
  • The Feng Shui Bedroom: Create an intimate retreat. Choose the photos for this room thoughtfully, do you feel comfortable having people, children, family, watching you? What are you sleeping on top of? Is there anything under the bed? Create a support with a solid headboard of wood or fabric or create one with giant pillows. Get rid of 3 things in your bedroom every day for 9 days, to make room for your love.
  • Looking for a partner, or sparking the flame? Is there room for another? Create the relationship you desire by making room in the closets and drawers: in the coat closet, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Is there a place for your love to sit? Include art and objects to reflect the type of couple you want to be. A statue or art depicting a couple intertwined, 2 wicks in 1 candle. Objects in pairs: Cranes and Mandarin Ducks mate for life. Integrate a family using a candle with multiple wicks. Have a nightstand on either side of the bed ~ they do not have to match; the taller more prominent nightstand will reflect the person the relationship who is in charge!
  • Create Movement and Flow: Movement should be effortless through your spaces. Placement of furniture and other objects should allow easy movement through openings, doorways and hallways. As you move effortlessly through your space, life will become the same.
  • Look Around: What messages are you feeling? Single? Happy? Lonely? Love? Adjust the objects in your space to reflect the relationship you choose to enjoy. Reflect the activities you want to participate as a couple, examples: travel, art classes, cooking, snuggling, family, picnics, or sports. Get involved in new activities, who knows, your prospective partner may be there waiting for you!
  • Put Your Intention in Place. Smile as you write down your desires, in the present, “I am”, “I have”. Say it out loud as you are writing, connect to the feeling. As you engage your body (writing and speaking) your mind (creating) and your spirit (intention) you infuse your power! Place your intention in a red envelope and sleep with it under your pillow or between your mattress and box spring for 9 days. Then place the red envelope where you will easily see it every day. As you see this red envelope every day, you remember what you wrote, how you feel and strengthen your intention even more.
  • Play the 3×9 Game! Every three days for 9 days do something different. Change: your hair, what you wear, where you go, what you do, how you do it. Plan it out. See what happens! You are sure to be seen in a different light.
  • A heart-shaped bowl carved out of wood represents a growing heart. Place a heart shape bowl at your entry way with some rose petals and your description of the love you desire, to beckon your new love into your life.

Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt. Certified Feng Shui, NLP, NAP &Hypnosis Practitioner. A catalyst for change, inspiring you to seek & create new possibilities in your life with feng shui for your space and your soul.

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