Teacher Biography

Phyllis is Certified in Space Clearing, House Cleansing, and in performing Blessings of Hearth and Home… She is a Conscious Design Space ClearingProfessional and has assisted Sam Tso Navajo Medicine Man closely in the clearing of Land .

Having a cornerstone embedded in Catholicism, Phyllis has always had a strong faith and a deep love of The Divine and The Sacred. Since childhood she has looked at God’s beautifully diverse Universe with a sense of love, compassion, and empathy.

Phyllis is a Certified Angel Intuit, Spiritual Life Coach, and Oracle Reader. She participates as a Practitioner of The Akashic Records… the Book of Life, and works within the World of Realms.

Blessed with holding the gentle, loving, healing energies of the Angels, Saints, and Ascended Masters… Phyllis has attained Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Master, Animal Communicator using The Golden Ray of Healing.

Called to work with the many stages of life, Phyllis works closely with children, bringing the gift of “Mindfulness Coaching” to schools and privately utilizing Guided Meditation and Voice to relax, focus, and reset those struggling with anxiety or stress. End of Life, Death and Dying, are now in the forefront of her service as she recently has become a DOULA – working with the dying and their family members creating an atmosphere of a good death… the best death possible…looking at legacy, and holding vigil.

She continues as a teacher of Psychic and Spiritual Development in New Jersey and will offer Mentorships if requested.

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Through the Eyes “Of the Sol”…

Healing with Voice, Hands, and Heart