Teacher Biography

An inspiring teacher, Joanna Infeld has conducted workshops in many countries, including Canada, the US, Brazil, Mexico, England, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Poland, Kenya and Israel, covering such subjects as Building Confidence, The 7Ages, Personal Development, Working With Qualities and many more.

Joanna is a writer and consultant, and is editor-in-chief of the Kora Press publishing company – www.KoraPress.com – dedicated to publishing books with spiritual content. She is also co-founder of Energy Worlds with her partner David Price Francis – further details can be found on www.energyworlds.com

Joanna has written the following books:

I Change; A guide to changing lives in changing times
7 Ages of Woman
Unmasked; Spirit flares
Dear Gabriel; Letters From a Trainee Angel
In-Formation; Moments of Realization
In-Tuition; Moments of Awakening
In-Sight; Moments of Being
A Garden of Qualities
Aging Gratefully
Behave Yourself; How to BE yourself and HAVE the life you want
The Tale of the Tailless Sperm

Born in Canada, Joanna grew up in Poland during the Communist era. Choosing to live in the west, she moved to England in the 70s where she met David Price Francis, her husband and partner. They both emigrated to Canada in the late 80s where they established a human development school in Toronto. They continued their work together when they moved to the US to help establish a spiritual community which exists and thrives in rural Tennessee.

Joanna Infeld - Conscious Design Institute Teacher