With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your wardrobe to make sure that your clothes are supporting your romantic intentions.

Fashion Feng Shui™ is an innovative dressing technique based on Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese Art of Placement that links empowerment with environment. It sees your clothing as your body’s most intimate environment and therefore as influential as Feng Shui is on your external environment. It also teaches you how to choose garments that energetically align with your desires in order to attract them into your life.

In Fashion Feng Shui every color, pattern, texture, fabric and silhouette is viewed as a manifestation of Ch’i, or divine energy, and is classified according to nature’s five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each element represents a distinct color, shape, substance and energetic quality which Fashion Feng Shui interprets according to Five Elemental Archetypes: The Philosopher, The PioneerThe Pleasure Seeker, The Peacemaker and The Perfectionist. These archetypes serve as vibrational benchmarks against which to assess physical appearance, personality, lifestyle, goals and clothing design.

Playing Cupid with Clothes

The Philosopher is the personification of water energy and has very deep coloring and a teardrop shaped body. Contemplative and imaginative, he or she prefers black and dark tones, creative styling and flowing clothing. Philosophers support you in academic, intellectual and spiritual endeavors. These are the artists, healers and gurus of the world. Water energy attracts depth.
The Pioneer is the personification wood energy and has cool, blue and green based coloring and a columnar shaped body. Competitive and energetic, he or she prefers blues and greens, sporty styling and natural-fiber clothing. Pioneers support you in new, health and growth oriented endeavors. These are the innovators, motivators and Energizer Bunnies™ of the world. Wood energy attracts growth.
The Pleasure Seeker is the personification fire energy and has warm, red-based coloring and an inverted triangle-shaped body. Charismatic and fun, he or she prefers reds and purples, dramatic styling and body-conscious clothing. Pleasure Seekers support you in social, intimate and communication oriented endeavors. These are the social butterflies, celebrities and PR agents of the world. Fire energy attracts excitement.
The Peacemaker is the personification earth energy and has neutral, yellow and brown based coloring and a square shaped body. Committed and nurturing, he or she is drawn to earth tones, traditional styling and comfortable clothing. Peacemakers support you in family, community and relationship oriented endeavors. These are the care-givers, mediators and Earth mothers of the world. Earth energy attracts stability.
The Perfectionist is the personification metal energy and has pale coloring and an hourglass shaped body. Cultivated and meticulous, he or she is drawn to white, pastels and metallics, elegant styling and high quality clothing. Perfectionists support you in cultural, system, and aesthetic oriented endeavors. These are the aristocrats, nit-pickers and connoisseurs of the world. Metal energy attracts refinement. By wearing colors, patterns, textures, fabrics and silhouettes that mirror the energy of your intention for romance, you can play Cupid with your clothes.

· To deepen your relationship or attract a sensual partner, wear the dark colors, fluid fabrics and flowing silhouettes of The Philosopher.
· To inspire growth or change in your relationship or to attract a dynamic partner, wear the blues and greens, striped, floral and plant-fiber fabrics and action-oriented styles of The Pioneer.
· To put fun or passion back into your relationship or attract an exciting partner, wear the red and “hot” colors, feathers and fur and body-conscious silhouettes of The Pleasure Seeker.
· To stabilize your relationship or attract a nurturing partner, wear the earthy colors, checked, plaid and textured fabrics and traditional styling of The Peacemaker.
· To reorganize your relationship or attract a refined partner, wear the pale or metallic colors, luxurious fabrics and curvy silhouettes of The Perfectionist.
In ancient times, clothing was worn to identify one’s role in the community and to convey his or her intentions to the Gods. Today, Fashion Feng Shui helps restore sacredness to dressing by elevating what was once a mundane routine to a mindful ritual. You get dressed everyday, why not make it fun and empowering?

In Memory:
Evana Maggiore led a colorful life and left us a legacy that is at once soulful and stylish. A native of Boston and a graduate of UMass Amherst, she was a professional image consultant who expanded her business to include Feng Shui. In 1998, together with her dear friend Louise Elerding, she unveiled Fashion Feng Shui®, the first practice that connected the Chinese art of placement to fashion and personal style.

At the Fengshui 2004 International Conference, Renae Jensen hosted the first Feng Shui Fashion Show with over a dozen models on the runway. Evana narrated the program as each model portrayed the Five Elements.
Wonderful Memories!

Playing Cupid with Clothes