One word, one thought, one breath, can bring big inspiration.
The month of August brings a feeling of a settling pause, “Prana” feels just right.
Settle in and venture deep within yourself during these August days, how is your relationship with the energy around you? Are you connected or disconnected?

Prana is defined as the Sanskrit word for lifeforce or vital principle.
Prana contains all the cosmic energies that permeate the Universe every level.

Prana is another way that we can think about our vital lifeforce, our chi, our energy. Prana encompasses all that we are and all that we have to gain from the energy around us because it’s not just the human force, it’s in everything and everyone, including inanimate objects.

Nourish Your Prana

Prana could be the energy of the environment based on the objects we place there.
Earth Crystals have lifeforce and we know that every crystal has a different energy. Each crystal has their own unique quality, associated with a chakra, an emotion or even a healing or clearing characteristics which connect to various parts of our personal Prana.
You will find crystals: for calming the mind, body & soul, for meditation, for dream state, for awareness, for love, for compassion, for prosperity and many more.
What are your favorite crystals?
Have you noticed how they nourish your Prana?
The next time you get a craving for a particular crystal, explore the properties, you will find your Prana selected the crystal for exactly what you need.

How can you nourish, activate and energize your Prana?
Nourish your Prana by taking time to choose to enrich yourself.
Enhancing your awareness of how you think, the words you say to yourself and the conversations you have with others.

Look around your home, your office, the room you are sitting right now.
What do you see?
How does it make you feel?
Happy, Heavy, Bored, Inspired, Motivated?

Look around again:
What do you love?
What have you decided you are not paying attention to right now?

Everything that surrounds you either nourishes or depletes your Prana.
Nourish your Prana every morning when you set your tone for the day.
Begin your day with affirmations: examples:
“I am healthy, I am clear, I am productive, I am success.” Create your power.

Nourish your Prana as you prepare for a phone call, a meeting, a conversation, setting your intention with clarity & focus, see the positive outcome before it happens.

Nourish your Prana as you create an environment that feels fabulous.

Nourish your Prana as you notice your self-talk and thoughts.
Refine your thoughts being mindful of your conversations.

Nourish your Prana by being clear.
Confusion creates miscommunication & misunderstandings.

Now is the time to team up with Mother Nature to strengthen & nourish your Prana.
Settle in, explore your energy, choose your way to nourish your Prana.

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