The Water Rat Month begins December 7th, 2022 at 12:49PM

During the previous Metal Pig month, energies softened and many effective actions have begun to right wrongs exposed during the course of this year and previous years. We can expect this trend to continue during the Water Rat month!

In Asia the Rat is highly revered for having considerable survival skills and high levels of competence in all things. As we transition into the Water Rat month we can expect energies to be vibrant and guided by the strategic intelligence of the Rat.

An important variance from the usually smooth Water Rat energy is the presence of two Horses and a Tiger in this month’s Four Pillars. A truly lively grouping that offers a wide range of possibilities. Protected by the persistence and fortitude of the Rat, this could prove to be a very fortuitous month.

The two Horses in this month’s Four Pillars have a specific influence. The Rat and Horse are in a 180° opposition. During this time, challenges and conflicts of many kinds become apparent; personally, locally and globally. Many exposing injustice and the abuse of human rights. At the same time abundant solutions will present themselves with opportunities to overcome all challenges and resolve these conflicts.

The Water Rat Month

The Tiger in the chart adds an additional layer of protection while also keeping eyes focused on the future. Although many solutions will be implemented, patience is required since the actual benefits may take a while to manifest.

December, the 12th month of the Gregorian calendar, 11th month of the Asian Solar calendar, is a month that hosts a variety of celebratory occasions. Besides the three holidays that for many represent the Holiday Season; Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa; there are others with origins in various cultures.

To mention a few:

  • December 8th, Bodhi Day, Buddhist tradition.
  • December 16th, Posadas Navidenas, Hispanic Christian tradition.
  • December 21st , Winter Solstice, Wicca/Pagan tradition.
  • December 26th, Zarathost Diso, Zaroastran tradition.
  • And of course December 31st, New Years Eve.

For many the December Holiday season is a favorite time of year with its prolific opportunities for family gatherings and joyful rituals. With great love of family as well as joyful celebrations, the Water Rat supports holiday activities. There are, however, some who find this time of year challenging; and references a common phrase “Surviving the Holidays”. Sadly, along with celebratory gatherings, there may be variety of stressors that interfere with the joyful experiences we would like to be having. Some resulting from unfavorable family interactions, others from the forced fulfillment of un-chosen obligations and still others resulting from simply having too much to get done in too little time. The good news is most of us will survive the “Holidays” and many will even enjoy this time in spite of their reticence.

Along with enhanced survival instincts, Rat times stimulate our resourcefulness and increase our abilities to find creative solutions to real time stressors. This leaves us better positioned to enjoy this Holiday Season. If you are in the group that dreads the Holiday Season for the reasons listed above, you simply need to let go of anxiety and fearfulness and get to the tasks on your to do list. You may even find that when approached with an open heart you may enjoy this Holiday Season more than you could have imagined.

The Water Rat Month

”I will survive with grace and glory”
Joyful is my journey. There is no obstacle that can stand in my way. Challenges are simply puzzles to be solved and I am the greatest of puzzle solvers. Although, self contained, I serve my family and the greater good as well.
I am Zi the Rat.

Most important is the realization that this is a time of opportunity to initiate positive change. This can be evidenced to an extent by the many outcries arising all over the world against the abuse of human rights, and the call of more freedom for the oppressed and marginalized. This being a theme that is echoing globally.

The Water Rat Month

During this special time make the effort to manifest your own freedom as well. Freedom from the binds that limit your imagination and creativity. Freedom from your own self imposed limitations. Freedom to sing with your entire being! Freedom to love like you’ve never been hurt! Freedom to dance like no one is watching! This is all supported by the ambient energies of the Water Rat!

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