In accordance with the solar based Hsia Calendar: The Fire Dragon Month begins April 5th, 2023 at 9:21am

The Dragon is the 5th earth branch of the Asian Zodiac and also represents the 4th month of the Gregorian Calendar.

The Dragon is a creature of legend and myth. In Asian metaphysics the Dragon is considered to be the apex of the Twelve Animal archetypes. Ruler and protector of the heavens, the Dragon can be terrifying in a confrontation, but can also bring good fortune to all who are willing to receive its magical and transformative gifts.

The Dragon is also charismatic, generally benevolent unless crossed, and willing to take on any challenge that might come across its regal path.

Monthly Energy Trends – Fire Dragon

As one of the 4 cardinal Earth archetypes, the Dragon also posses the power to facilitate transformation.

Indeed, the Fire Dragon can help bring about many positive changes; but it is not without some risk:
This is a Fire Dragon! The process can be quite dramatic as this Dragon performs its roles as transformer and destroyer.

To make the most of the gifts the Fire Dragon offers, open your heart and present only the truest and best version of yourself. Be willing to give up the things that no longer serve you, or the greater good. Make way for something better. It will be its own reward.

The Fire Dragon is adverse to chaos and violence. Those who view them as the only way forward can expect a powerful pushback to their errant ways. The harder they may press, the more ardently the Fire Dragon will push back.

Monthly Energy Trends – Fire Dragon

It is important to realize that during Fire Dragon times, what may appear to be confrontation is often the natural process through which energy is transmuted from one state to the next; as prescribed by the Five Element representation of qi as it move through space and time.

Monthly Energy Trends – Fire Dragon

The Four Pillars For the Month

Monthly Energy Trends – Fire Dragon

The most notable aspects of this chart are the three empty branches in the month, day and hour pillars. Empty Branches reflect challenges, both karmic and material, that occur during a specified time period.

The Dragon challenge reflects the expression of personal grandness; either excessive and expressed as grandiosity, or lacking and expressed as excessive humility. Finding balance by achieving a middle ground is the best way to benefit from this empty branch lesson and to have the most favorable experience this month.

The Snake challenge is associated with the pursuit of higher wisdom. This can manifest as a lack of connection with higher self and higher principles, or as lack of grounding and a faulty perception of practical matters. Finding balance and achieving a middle ground will again result in the most favorable experience.

The Element Balance This Month:

Fire 36% – Wealth – Represents our rewards in life. We are rewarded for good deeds towards others, for the benefit of the greater good and especially by engaging in needed self care.

Water 21% – Day Element- The defining element in the chart. Water, in this chart, is what is referred to as totally weak; a special condition. When the Day Element is said to be totally weak it offers the possibility to achieve greatness and fame or to experience massive failure. This will depend on the choices we make and the willingness to do what is necessary to implement them.

Earth 20% – Power – Power can manifest as Aggressive Power (power over) or Proper Power (power from within). In this chart it is all Proper Power. Personal power can be enhanced through spiritual guidance and right action.

Wood 18% – Expression- Represents our creative urge. Projects can be started from nothing and result in substantial accomplishments.

Metal 5% – Resource – Represents support received from people, situations and the universe. There is very little available this month and we do best depending on our personal resources.

You can find me at the center of things; the most powerful place to bring about change. My purpose is to accomplish what I set out to do in service of all there is. You may not always find comfort in my fierce, flamboyant style, but I deliver results. I am a servant of destiny…


Monthly Energy Trends – Fire Dragon

As always Love is the essence of creation in the manifested universe. Love can come in many forms. Sometimes gentle and welcoming; other times as a torrent that sweeps us along. If the torrent is powerful and insistent, our best course of action is to allow our self to be swept along without resistance.

Such is the nature of this Fire Dragon month. The Dragon offers its powerful flow in service. If we are willing to go along for the ride, we just might experience something wonderful, full of fun, excitement and a greater connection to our highest purpose.

Open your heart and look inside and you may find your own inner Dragon. If the connection is strong there is much that can be accomplished. Things that appear to be impossible can simply become another task on your list.

The Fire Element of this month’s Dragon is in the heart of all things. Believe in the impossible and the miraculous and all things become achievable!

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