So, we enter the year of the Dragon and many will have already felt the change in energy and noticed the rise in Dragon awareness and mythology. Many too are awakening to a reconnection to their own inner power that comes with the returning Dragon Heart and Dragon Rider memories.

The Dragons have been co-creators with humanity for eons and are re emerging after disappearing when the consciousness level of humanity dropped below where the Dragons could connect and work effectively. They went deep into the Earth or left the planet… Their return in connection with humanity heralds the arrival of a time of new possibilities opening for humanity to awaken and see clearly the changes we need to make, for ourselves, our families, our communities and in our Sacred relationship with Mother Earth. As is said we must ‘Be the Change’. We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for.

When relocation has a purpose…

I had lived in or around the New Forest in Hampshire, UK most of my life but found myself in the spring of 22 moving to the edge of the mystical land of Avalon in Somerset. It seemed a random move and I had to trust it was all purposeful, but I had not long been settling into my lovely little cottage when I felt a very strong nudge to visit a Sacred site locally called Burrow Mump.

Meeting the Dragon

Burrow Mump is a large grassy mound on the landscape of Avalon with a derelict church dedicated to St Michael on the top. It sits at a crossing on the Michael/Mary line which is one of the main energy lines in the UK. The Michael/Mary line undulates up from the westerly tip of Cornwall right over to the East coast. There are significant ceremonial sites and earth energy node points (crossings) all along the way. (The line was originally dowsed by Master Dowser Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst and brought to my attention by the work of Geo-biologist, Rory Duff)

There are spectacular views from the Mump all across the Somerset levels and right across to Glastonbury Tor (the next crossing point) which can be seen in the distance. It is quite a climb to the top and you just have to pick the best route up the grassy sides and often through the flock of sheep which graze there.

Sitting at the top on that summer day I sat quietly and communed with the energy of the Mump and I heard a ‘note’ in the ground… like a hum, which drew my attention. I felt drawn to go into the tower part of the church ruins and hum the note. The tower seemed to come alive and pulse… if I went off note it stopped… on again and it activated. It was fascinating. I went back into the main body of the church and stood quietly looking out of the glassless window like portals onto the spectacular landscape.

No stranger to receiving clairaudient communication from other realms (my Rose Oracle for the Heart birthed this way) I heard a voice that said ‘We are the Elemental Rose Dragons. We come to commune from the 5th dimensional heart of Gaia. We have come to assist in the awakening of humanity in these great times of change upon the earth. We come to you as Rose Hearted Dragon Consciousness as this is your wave of frequency reception’

So, it seems that my move to Somerset had started another part of my colourful life adventure. A deepening communication with 18 Rose Dragons. They truly are loving and wise beings and have much to say to help us connect more fully with the very building blocks of nature and our presence here on the Earth.

The 5 Elemental Rose Dragons speak to the essence of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether as the prima materia of our physical bodies. Our bodies are made up of the same proportions of these primal elements as is Mother Earth. We are truly ‘of the Earth’ and these beautiful physical vessels we have to journey in, arise from HER and will return to HER. Beyond my communication with the Elemental Rose Dragons there are a further group of Rose Dragon Energies that came forward to connect. They introduced themselves as the Celestial Rose Dragons… 13 in number and set as 12 around the 1. They call themselves Messengers of the Divine… and indeed they truly are. I ‘see’ them as iridescent streams of God consciousness.

My own journey with The Way of the Rose and Mary Magdalene has been very much about healing the Heart through seeing and transmuting embedded trauma and stories held about self, relationships and life. The journey started in the Rose Gardens of the Alhambra, Granada in Spain in 2010 and led to the creation of the Rose Alchemy: Rose Oracle for the Heart. A pathway home to true Self, to Love through the whispered messages of the Rose Heart.

It feels to me the Rose Dragons are echoing and expanding on the calling of the Magdalene at this time, reminding us we are here to be both 100% physical and 100% spiritual. The Rose Dragons are inviting us to be awakened acupuncture points of light, bridging heaven and earth, as that this is our true nature. Many of us have been on such a deep healing pathway to clear our own and ancestral storylines in readiness for this time of great change on the Earth and this allows us to be ever more fully present to ourselves and also clear illuminators on the path for others.

The 18 Rose Dragon cards and accompanying book are in the publishing process for Summer Solstice 2024. You can read more about them at

Fascinated and feeling called to connect with the Rose Dragons? I have a new 6-week Elemental Rose Dragon course online starting on 15th February.