We are emerging from the years of neutral tones, gray walls and pandemic colors that made each home look like it was professionally staged.

Warmth, personality and character are at the forefront of the color wave moving into 2023. Self-expression, warmth, positive paint palettes, and natural elements set a tone to create a cozy environment.

Explore colors that relate and connect us to nature, bringing the outdoor to the inside. Avoiding cold and artificial colors of the past, , the 2023 trends will feel soft, warm and personal. Blue tones will be soothing and be great templates for meditation rooms, studies and rooms that want to bring in serenity.

Greens are still popular, especially in kitchen design. Soft greens invite healing and growth. When we look at the Pantone hue Verdigris, we add a rich layer to our spaces. The color verdigris, one of the oldest green pigments known, comes from malachite. It was used by the Egyptians to paint temple floors. Spanish Moss, by Krylon, is a subtle green that provides a beautiful backdrop for our designs.

Meet the 2023 Color Trends

Pink is on the rise, as we find the Benjamin Moore color of the year to be Raspberry Blush. The beautiful color Terra Rose by Dunn-Edwards is a rich and inspiring color. “The blushing cinnamon hue represents positivity, joyfulness, confidence, creativity, and coziness. Use the scorched-earth shade in any area of the home, including to cover entire walls, as an accent color, and even on the exterior of your property.”

The color of the year by Pantone is Digital Lavender.This soft, restful lavender was named to represent the beautiful Lavender flower that is universally known to relieve stress and encourage positivity.

The Behr color of the year is called Blank Canvas. This beautiful neutral says it all as it allows the space to become a creative “white board” of intention.

Black is still in the umbrella of 2023 energy trends, which makes sense as the main element of the year is that of Water. As you look at the array of Pinks, Earth Tones, Copper, you will see a very grounded yet uplifting vibration. The 2023 Greens, Blues and Lavender resonate to the Wood element with a touch of water. This is aligned to the creativity of this year’s Rabbit. Lots of self-expression for us.

As always with conscious design, choose paints that are environmentally friendly, and organize your color template to your space with Feng Shui principles and balance.

By Renae Jensen