In Feng Shui, the master bedroom is the room that has the strongest influence on our “chi” – or life force. The master bedroom can set the stage for good health, positive relationships, and prosperity in all areas of our lives. The bedroom is the place where we can finally let our guard down – we can close our eyes and let go. The bedroom needs to honor the individual chi as well as the couple chi.

Visualize your bedroom as your private cave, nest, retreat, and sanctuary. This is the place to revitalize yourself, rest, dream, play, sleep, read, and romance. Sexuality is often the theme here , but not the universal goal of everyone. If we are designing a bedroom for ourselves or for a client, we need to honor current needs as well as support future goals.

Not everyone is seeking or choosing to bring a relationship into their bedroom. They may have been recently widowed, or they may choose to keep this space for themselves.

Although many Feng Shui schools will differ on which direction to face while sleeping, or which area of the home to place the master bedroom; the overall principles are united: Balance, Breath, Connection, Elemental Principles, Intention.

Master your Master Bedroom

The bed is the focus point of the bedroom, and following are some popular Feng Shui recommendations:

Bed Position: The bed should be in the commanding position of the room – with a view of the door, but not in direct path of the door. This is vital to our health and well-being, as we need to feel safe when we are sleeping.

Bed Headboard: A solid wooden headboard represents stability and support in life, and represents security. On a primal level, the head is vunerable, and a solid headboard provides a deep sense of security and safety, and thus allows a sounder sleep.

Bed Size: A king size bed is not recommended because it has a split frame, separating the couple. A queen size or full size bed has room for two and there is no division in the mattress. If you have a king size bed, feng shui remedies can be applied to “unite” the mattress. The bed should not rest directly on the floor, nor should it be so high in the air that we need a ladder to climb into.

Bed Balance: For equal partnership, balance both sides of the bed with matching end tables and lamps. Often when there is only one end table, or one that is heavily cluttered and weighted down, that person has the responsibility burden for that relationship.

Bed History: For a clear state of mind, body and soul there is nothing more uplifting than a new mattress and bedroom set. If you are still carrying around the bedroom from your childhood or former relationship it is time to stop sleeping in those old patterns and stressful memories. The general Feng Shui rule is: New Relationship – New Mattress. When you look at your possessions, stop and ask yourself how each piece makes you feel? If it is not a positive response, then move it out of your life.

Bed Linens/Colors: The most supportive and nurturing colors in a master bedroom would be those that reflect our natural skin tones: from off white, peaches, pale yellows, roses, browns. Use natural, rich fabrics for bedding. Avoid an overall monotone theme. Too much blue can isolate and depress, as well as be too cooling. Too much reds will overactive, heat and anger. Think soft and nurturing. Avoid sharp-edged patterns in our bed coverings. Use natural and soft fabrics.

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Fengshui for the Master Bedroom-Romance and Rejunvenation
Renae Jensen is a Fengshui Teacher & Consultant, founder of Conscious Design