Getting ready for a romantic Valentine dinner? Did you ever think to apply the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui? This 6000-year-old Chinese art of arranging one’s environment to improve our life’s experience has wonderful secrets to reveal. Harmonizing person to place, through the correct place of all things, can transform the feel of an environment from the mundane to the magical. As we approach the love, filled possibilities of Valentine, here are a few suggestions you can use to alter a mood and encourage your desired outcomes.

Create a sensual threshold

Dab a scent of sweet fragrance to your front door. Add a wreath with cologne, or just a few drops to a lamp ring. Fragrances communicate immediately and are the only thing left in a room after you leave it! The nose communicates directly to the brain and cannot be altered by a depressing mood or nervousness.

Basic Instincts

Remember, we all have pheromones which are chemical signals that carry information between individuals. Pheromones are like hormones but work outside the body. They induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal, and often play a crucial role in finding a mate. Check out the Pure Romance basic instincts attractant roll on formula. A dab on your wrist will activate your natural perfume.

Love is in the Air!

Getting ready for a first date?

Cedar dispels nervousness, use it, and have fun.

Be ready when your love comes along.

Eucalyptus will clear away lethargy. Stay awake!

Make the right decision.

Clear your mind and be sure you are making the right choice, use a bit of Mint to help eliminate mental fatigue and unclear thinking.


A touch of Orange will help you feel confident, and the use of Basil will help cheer you up and lift sadness.

Neglecting yourself?

Use the scent of rose, for self-love and enjoy the spirit of Valentines. Share your love, and remember the Law of Attraction, Like attracts Like.

Be sure to select a scent that will create the right feeling, it’s your choice!

If scents and fragrances aren’t your thing, know that a shape can communicate a message silently. Consider transmitting a subliminal message with the shape of your floral arrangement for that special Valentine dinner.

Ask yourself what subconscious message would I like to transmit?

  • Triangular shapes will get your date hot under the collar. Yikes! Be sure to have a cold glass of water at hand.
  • Square shapes bring us back to the basics and gives one a sense of stability. Don’t be surprised if your date wants to take you home to meet his parents.
  • Round shapes can help keep the conversation flowing.
    If your date is shy, buy round white flowers and float them in a round vase to stimulate the conversation.
  • Wavy Lines can help you unwind and relax. Use an array of different flowers in a vase, and decorate with undulating lines to loosen your date up.

Rectangular shapes will help your date to move forward. If you want your date to commit to you, try a tall slim flower, like a gladiola, in a rectangular vase to stimulate change.

Romance and proximity are essential. Be sure your space is decluttered, and you are feeling fresh and clean. Stay close to your date and choose words which are uplifting and fun. Speak of the opportunities of the future and reminisce the good memories of the past.

It would be best not to dine at a table that has more than two chairs. If the table is too large, set one intimate area in the center, divide up the space with a tablecloth. The tablecloth placement will define where you will be dining. Use the rest of the table as a backdrop for beautiful candles, gifts, and flowers on either side of you. The only lights should be those from the candles. Flickering lights create a magnet that few can refuse.

Draw your love as close as possible during this valentine celebration.
Enjoy and acknowledge the personal scent of your relationship. Share the love!!

Happy Valentines,

Mary Dennis
Life Coach
Dean of Design
Conscious Design Institute