There could not be a more perfect time to delve into the color green, it’s history, energy, impact and effect on us.

The color Green in Feng Shui is related to the 9 Star Ki number of 3. This is a young, very yang wood. This area related to the power and strength a young plant needs to pop out of the earth and to claim themselves and their identity.

It is an area called “family and ancestors”. Why? Because that is where we come from – we are a seed made up of our DNA and family lineage – and in this 3 wood gua(house), we are able to push through and bring ourselves into the world. A young plant is green, people that are just evolving are often identified as being “green” at their skill set.

All of 2024 is a 3 wood year, and so many people are feeling the need to change, may find themselves a bit assertive and aggressive, and very talkative.

As it is an immature energy, it often displays itself in a very youthful way – with all of those ups and downs.(If you would like to learn more about the 9 Star Ki and 5 Element system, contact us at

Let’s Talk About the Color Green and the 3 Wood Element

First, let’s talk about the association of the color Green to jealousy and being “Green with Envy”. If you think about the process of a new baby plant making it’s way out of the ground and into the world – you can identify with the struggle for survival and the danger of competition. Reaching the light and finding enough nutrients is vital.

Green is also associated with nausea. Eating or digesting something that is not fully matured, whether that is a food or an emotion, will cause the body to revel and expel.

Green is the color of nature. It represents the cycle of birth to death.

In many cultural beliefs, green was rejected as it brought too much association to the “Little People”, Pan and the fairy world, fertility, and was considered bad luck or taboo.

Let’s Talk About the Color Green and the 3 Wood Element

Shades of green are approached differently

Let’s Talk About the Color Green and the 3 Wood Element

Vernal Green:
Christian philosophy relates vernal green to immortality, hope, the Holy Spirit and the resurrection of life in the spring. Buddhist philosophy relates this color to everything connected to life and the living spirit.

Let’s Talk About the Color Green and the 3 Wood Element

Pale Green:
Christian philosophy relates the color of pale green evil, death and the Devil/Satan. “I looked up and saw a horse whose color was pale green. Its rider was named Death, and his companion was the Grave.”

Buddhist philosophy relates pale green to death.

You can see that the shades of green bring you from the highest to the lowest.

Green is associated with the Heart Chakra and is often seen as the brother of the color pink. They are often interchangeable, especially when using color healing.

Eye glasses with green lenses was found to be effective for those with Parkinson Disease. Faber Birren has more information on color healing.

Green is aligned with the vibration of Harmony, Hope, and Peace. The color is connected to personalities that are community minded, good educators, and often giving, to the point of being out of balance.

Let’s Talk About the Color Green and the 3 Wood Element

Green in clothing, and home décor needs to be balanced and not overwhelm. The balance and shades of green will determine either a release from anxiety or a shift into having more anxiety

Let’s Talk About the Color Green and the 3 Wood Element

The attraction or rejection of the color green signifies ego, the need for recognition, and independence. It is the color of creativity and independence.

Let’s Talk About the Color Green and the 3 Wood Element

From the book Simply Color by Diantha Harris. Green Affirmation: I honor those who have gone before me and I send them peace. I honor myself for creating a new direction and new possibilities. Green out of balance is one with their boundaries out of whack, being stuck, or having a closed Heart.

Closing Message:
Enjoy the alignment of green during these shifting times and Utilize green in a balanced way for more energy and creativity.