The Conscious Design Institute provides a valuable and unique curriculum to the general public, as well as professionals in the fields of real estate, architecture, interior design, landscape, building and city planning. Our programs differ from the ordinary in ways which encourage self-awareness and personal power. These programs, classes, certificates and certifications follow the Conscious Design path of integrated knowledge, leading us all to a healthier planet, one building at a time.

We are an educational community dedicated to your success. Your work-life balance is a priority which we have considered in developing our programs. Our classes are offered in-person, online – live and recorded. Classes can be accrued and credited towards a certificate degree or for individual growth and enjoyment.

Find our full class list below…

Conscious Design® for Empowered Space

Interior Decorating / Re-designTeacherCostTimeCreditsFormat
Feng Shui for Gardens and LandscapeRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsOnline
Feng Shui Your Space for Abundant LivingLois Kramer-Perez$452 Hours2 CreditsOnline
Introduction to Feng ShuiRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsOnline
Change your Space, Change your LifeMary Dennis$32511 Hours11 Credits / CertificateLive & Online
Healthy and Empowered BedroomsRenae Jensen$803 Hours3 CreditsLive
Space AlchemySandy Humby$451 Hours1.5 CreditsRecorded
Your Home is your Vision BoardRenae Jensen$452.5 Hours2.5 CreditsLive
The Feng Shui Fundamentals WorkshopMary Dennis$32511 Hours11 Credits / CertificateLive & Recorded
Aging in Place – Universal DesignInstitute ClassTBC1.5 Hours1.5 CreditsOnline
Introduction to Green DesignInstitute ClassTBC1.5 Hours1.5 CreditsOnline
Bau Biologie – Electro Magnetic Fields EMFTBCTBCTBCTBCTBC
The Healing Power of SoundTBCTBCTBCTBCTBC
The Power of ColorInstitute ClassTBC1.5 Hours1.5 CreditsOnline
Clutter ClearingRenae Jensen$603 Hours3 CreditsOnline
Home Staging – One Day ProgramRenae Jensen &
Mary Dennis
TBC8 Hours8 CreditsLive & Online
Intentional Design for Corporate AmericaMary Dennis$38811 Hours11 Credits / CertificateLive & Online
Space Clearing ClassesTeacherCostTimeCreditsFormat
Intro to Space ClearingRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsLive & Online
Ancient Oil and Stones used in Space ClearingRenae Jensen &
Deana Schimmenti
$453 Hours3 CreditsLive & Online
Spirit EnergiesSandy Humby$451 Hour1.5 CreditsOnline
Your Spiritual Toolbox for Space ClearingPhyllis McGeehan$453 Hours3 CreditsLive & Online
Space Clearing with Nature’s Assistance – Herbs and Plants for Protection and ClearingRenae Jensen$453 Hours3 CreditsLive
Remote Map Dowsing in Space ClearingRenae Jensen$453 Hours3 CreditsLive
Spirit Connection, Mudras & Symbols in Space ClearingRenae Jensen$453 Hours3 CreditsLive
Real EstateTeacherCostTimeCreditsFormat
Valuable Feng Shui Principles in Real EstateRenae Jensen$453 Hours3 CreditsLive
Home Staging in Real EstateRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsLive
Feng Shui for Commercial Real EstateRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsLive
Real Estate Feng Shui Guide to InteriorsRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsLive
Geomancy / GaiaTeacherCostTimeCreditsFormat
Sacred Geometry – 4 Part SeriesDavid Price Francis$1804 x 75mins4 x 1.5 CreditsOnline
Introduction to DowsingLois Perez$452 Hours2 CreditsOnline
The Art and Science of DowsingRenae JensenTBC3 Hours3 CreditsLive
Advanced Dowsing TechniquesLois Perez$45 2 Hours2 CreditsLive
Earth Grids and EnergiesSandy Humby$451 Hours1.5 CreditsOnline
Essential OilsRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsLive & Online
Earth’s Gifts – Crystals and StonesDeana Schimmenti$452 Hours2 CreditsLive & Online

Conscious Design® for Man – Choosing a Conscious Lifestyle

Personal and Professional DevelopmentTeacherCostTimeCreditsFormat
Energy Mapping – 4 Part SeriesDavid Price Francis$1804 x 60 Mins4 x 1 CreditOnline
Energy ManagementSandy Humby$451 Hours1.5 CreditsOnline
Introduction to Conscious LanguagingMary Dennis$451.5 Hours1.5 CreditsOnline
Conscious Languaging – Level 1
Distant Learning, 6 Week Program
Mary Dennis$1996 x 90 Mins9 CreditsLive & Online Family members complimentary
Conversations that Matter – Supper Club – 11 SeriesMary Dennis$18811 x 90 Mins1.5 CreditsZoom / Online, website/Facebook Page
Rose AlchemySandy HumbyTBC1.5 Hours1.5 CreditsOnline
The 5 Element Archetypes – Discover Your True NatureLois Kramer-Perez CHT$452 Hours2 CreditsLive & Online
Introduction to Face Reading TechniquesLois Kramer-Perez CHT$452 Hours2 CreditsOnline
I Ching – 9 Star Ki AstrologyLois Kramer-Perez CHT$452 Hours2 CreditsOnline
Feng Shui Astrology – 9 Star KiRenae Jensen$452.5 Hours2.5 CreditsLive
Chinese Astrology – Annual Forecast and Flying StarsRenae Jensen$452.5 Hours2.5 CreditsLive
Elemental Feng Shui FashionRenae Jensen & TBCTBC3 Hours3 CreditsOnline

Conscious CoachingTeacherCostTimeCreditsFormat
Conscious Design for BusinessConscious Design InstituteTBC1 Hour1 CreditOnline
Conscious Design at your Round TableConscious Design InstituteTBC1 Hour1 CreditOnline
Living a Day Conscious Life – A Personalized Coaching ProgramMary DennisTBCVarious PackagesN/ATBC
Conscious Coaching with David Price FrancisDavid Price Francis$350.00 – special CDI rate3 x 3 Hours PackageN/ATBC

Conscious Design® for Spirit

Ancient and Evolving WisdomTeacherCostTimeCreditsFormat
Creating AltarsRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsLive & Online
Ceremony, Rituals and BlessingsRenae Jensen$452 Hours2 CreditsLive & Online
Native Wisdom – Reconnecting with Nature and CeremonyConscious Design InstituteTBC1 Hour1 CreditOnline
Introduction to the I CHINGLois Kramer Perez$452 Hours2 CreditsOnline