Conscious Design Classes

The Conscious Design Institute provides a valuable and unique curriculum to the general public,as well as professionals in the fields of real estate, architecture, interior design, landscape, building and city planning.

Our programs differ from the ordinary in ways which encourage self-awareness and personal power. These programs, classes, certificates, and certifications follow the Conscious Design path of integrated knowledge, leading us all to a healthier planet, one space at a time.

Our classes are designed to support an empowered Conscious Life and Healthy Planet

Conscious Design® for Empowered Space
Space Design – Space Clearing – Feng Shui – Real Estate – Geomancy-Gaia

Conscious Design® for Man – Choosing a Conscious Lifestyle
Conscious Coaching – Personal and Professional Development

Conscious Design® for Spirit
Ancient and Evolving Wisdom

The Conscious Design Institute is an educational community dedicated to your success. Your work-life balance is a priority which we have considered in developing our programs. Our classes are offered in-person, online – live and recorded. Classes can be accrued and credited towards a certificate degree or for individual growth and enjoyment. Our On-Demand classes offer you the opportunity to enjoy a teacher and a class at your convenience and on your schedule.

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