Every choice of color and shape in the home, every choice of objects, all choices have the potential to add to or detract from the harmony of life. Making conscious or mindful choices is clearly a principle of Feng Shui. Similarly, making mindful choices inside your body/heart/mind can be used for improving your backyard’s health, balance, and harmony.

In last month’s article, I promised to explain how you can counteract climate dangers for yourself and for your trees, plants, herbs, crops, and forests, by shifting your mindset and using simple, easy methods in your own backyard or local park.

So this month, let me give you an example of how unconscious or non-mindful choices happen. Then, I’ll show you how you can apply a new, positive, consciously collaborative CYCLE to improve health, balance, and harmony in your trees, plants, herbs, crops, or forest.

Let’s say you’ve heard that planting ‘natives’ (plants originally from your area) is a good idea. And it is. So you make the first choice: “I’ll plant native plants.”

Improve Health, Balance, and Harmony in Trees and Plants on Your Property

Right away, it gets tricky. There is a mindset (a thought structure called a “paradigm”) operating unconsciously and invisibly that kicks-in for many people. The current cultural mindset is at least 300 years old and infused with an imbalance of yang energy. It informs the culture that trees and plants are just things — not alive — so people are superior to them and can take actions that dominate, control, or manipulate.

“WAIT!” you say. “I want to favor natives. That’s not trying to manipulate.”

And I respond, “True. But let’s look at the range of WAYS people may accomplish that.”

Some will walk into their backyard and say, “I want this plant and I want that plant… and I want them here and I want them there. I want…” Does that sound like mindfulness?

Others will make choices by follow a feng shui approach to consider the design, the harmony of colors, the subtleties, and more. Yes, that’s a more mindful way.

I am suggesting going further: Choose to shift the mindset itself!

People begin to shift mindset by recognizing and believing that trees, plants, herbs, crops, and forests, are — in fact — alive and intelligent. Plenty of new sciences that support adopting this belief can be found in our booklet: Relevant Sciences Supporting Tree Whispering. After all, indigenous and ancient peoples have always known that all plants have their own form of consciousness and are also ‘spirited’. Therefore, modern people and the Plant Kingdom — together — can connect, communicate, and operate in mutual partnership!

Acting in equal and collaborative Partnership with Nature is truly the new and enlightened mindset whose time has come for a livable planet!

So, the next step in our example backyard is NOT to rush into making choices since those choices could be based on invisible, habitual, insidiously old-mindset approaches. Rather, it is to go forward in inner quiet with awareness and in body/heart/mind openness. I recommend that people collaborate in a co-creative way with plants’ deep, profound, even sacred intelligence in order to work out a way forward in which everybody wins.

HOW? Collaborating and co-creating with all plants means:

· settling into inner peace and connection with their Life Force,
· communicating by asking many questions with persistent curiosity about their lives and health,
· getting answers in non-linear, body/heart/mind intuitive ways,
· sharing personal preferences in a neutral way,
· taking their advice and acting on their wisdom until everybody gets what they most need.

In other words, you could ask native plants in the garden-center questions like this: “Are you right for my backyard?” “Will you be able to grow healthily, in balance and harmony with the other plants in my backyard?”

Once home, you could ask questions like: “Where is it best for you to grow?” “How do you want to be oriented?” “What other plants do you want to be near?”

If you have a preference, tell the truth while at the same time maintaining neutrality. Plants want you to be happy, so their consciousness will take your preference into consideration. As you ask questions, receive answers, and act accordingly, you’ll discover that your backyard is more healthy, harmonious, and beautiful than you might have imagined.

That’s my example of how you can move from making choices habitually inside the old mindset toward making choices mindfully in the new mindset of equal and collaborative Partnership with Nature.

Here’s how to apply a new, positive, consciously collaborative CYCLE to improve inner health, inner balance, and inner harmony for your trees, plants, herbs, crops, or forest. This approach also begins to counteract climate extremes’ damaging effects for the Plant Kingdom.

Begin your collaborative partnership to restore their health, inner balance, and harmony:

· Select one tree or a small group of similar plants.
· In this image, find the cycle for sustaining life.
· In inner quiet, ask permission to interact and/or to offer this healing and mindful method. (That’s a “Partner With Nature” new mindset action honoring their intelligence.)
· With intent, hold in consciousness or chant that simple information which they will receive in consciousness and Life Force.
· Repeat with others.
· Repeat comfortably often because climate stress factors continue.

Ms. Basia Alexander
Co-Founder, BioBaliaInstituteSchool.org

Our Motto: “Heal Ecological Damage. Upgrade Human Thinking.”