The world we live in is made of dreams! Dreams that became thoughts; thoughts that became actions; actions that create manifested reality and dictate its form!

In accordance with the Hsia calendar the solar year begins February 4, 2023 at 10:34AM.
The time and date is determined by finding the midpoint between Winter Solstice, Dec 2022
and Spring Equinox, March 2023. I routinely calculate it myself using simple arithmetic.

I’m guessing, that by now you’ve seen dozens of notifications about the Water Rabbit Year. I know I have! By now you are most likely aware of the qualities of the Water Rabbit and what the year may bring as it unfolds. You may even understand that the elements for the year are Yin Water sitting over Yin wood and what this implies.

How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World

There is much more to this story! 
Let me begin with a quick comparison of the annual pillars for 2022 and 2023

The comparison reveals a similarity (Water sitting over Wood). One can assume that the years will have some similarity in their energetic content. There is also an obvious difference between the aggressive nature of the Tiger and the Gentle welcoming nature of the Rabbit.

How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World

More significant is that 2022 is Yang Water over Yang Wood while 2023 is Yin Water over Yin Wood. Yang being the more forceful, outgoing version. Water and Wood are very compatible and result in a proliferation of creative productivity. The down side is that Water becomes drained in the process. In practical terms we can expect a gentler energy in 2023 spoken in a softer voice and perhaps less feeling exhaustion than in 2022.

How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World

The Heavenly Stems

They reside in the upper section of the Four Pillars Chart and represent the influence of heaven.

Yin Water is an important influence this year. It can be likened to a tiny raindrop.

The only action the raindrop can take is to drop to Earth. In doing so it creates a ripple that affects every puddle, every stream, every lake, every river and ultimately great oceans.
The raindrop does not waste energy wishing to be an ocean. It knows its own nature and that its ultimate destination is the ocean.

The Element Balance in this chart

45% Wood – Expression- represents creative output and its influence. This is the most abundant element in this chart. Wood is the element of spring and new beginnings. It is likely to stimulate creative urges as well as a desire for trying new ways to resolve old issues. It resonates with urges to bring our energetic selves out into the world. This is greatly supported this year. It’s a time to rock and celebrate your stuff!
33% Fire – Wealth- represents our chosen and earned rewards in life. With Fire as wealth element the desire to experience rewards is vibrant, energized and well supported; best to look beyond material rewards. Instead, look to the rewards that come from positive people connections and relationships. Benevolent actions are their own rewards; especially random acts of kindness. These are not the types of rewards that can be accumulated. Their benefit is in the value of the experiences as they unfold and the joyful states they perpetuate.
12% Water – Self and favorable relationships. This percentage is bordering on low. It indicates that all areas that pertain to the self will require extra shepherding. Developing greater self awareness is essential; greater self care also a necessity. Most important is careful attention to our closest relationships. They may require more attention and may require effort beyond ordinary maintenance. These are muscles we need to exercise this year; extra effort well worth doing. Like all exercise it will strengthen these most important functions and their related skills.
5% Metal – Resource – Very low in this chart; represents our support in life from family, friends and the universe. With so little active external support there can be feelings of resentment and perhaps abandonment. But… we are never alone if we can come to terms with our own demons. This will require work but may lead to the resolution of internal energetic blocks that interfere with a full and vibrant life experience.
5% Earth – Power – Also very low in this chart. You may experience feelings of powerlessness. Grounding exercises and rituals can help restore equilibrium; self empowerment is key. 
Gratefully, the Earth in this chart is Yang and represents Proper Power; the more favorable and productive type of power; rooted in spiritual connection. Those attempting to exert their power over others may encounter so.

The Earthly Branches

They reside in the lower portion of the chart and represent the influence of Earth

How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World
How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World

The two Snakes in the Day and Hour pillars are instrumental to understanding this chart!

The Day and Hour pillars express the inner or submerged aspects of the chart.

The Snake represents higher wisdom and refined energy. In this chart Snake is also referred to as an Empty Branch. The Empty Branch points to lessons needing to be learned; they are sometimes karmic lesson. The lessons here are associated with the diminished higher wisdom in popular beliefs as well as the lack of refined energy in group consciousness.

How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World

Trying to change popular beliefs and influence group mind is like herding cats. So what can be done? You can tend to yourself first. Here are some recommendations:
· Use every means you have to access higher wisdom.
· Work on your own issues and do what you can to refine your own energy field.
· Be mindful of how your actions and words affect others.
· Curtail judgments when interacting with people.
· Make sincere attempts to communicate with and hear people who have strong beliefs that differ from yours.
· Be mindful that the choices you make are safe and beneficial, to yourself and others.
· Gratitude for all that comes your way and forgiveness for all that offends you are the universal salve that can heal almost any situation.

Self-care is another important part of the story this year. We are all diverse in genetic make-up, physiology and life experience and our needs will vary so here are some general guidelines to get you started:
· Clean air, pure water, nourishing food, regular exercise and a healthy home; essential for maintaining physical and emotional well being.
· Human interaction punctuated by healthy relationships that include community, and being seen heard and loved; essential for maintaining mental and emotional equanimity
· Spiritual practice such as Tai Chi, Yoga , Meditation etc. and prayer; essential for accessing personal subtle energy fields, connecting with the natural world as well as connecting with the unified field (which in some cultures is thought of as a higher power or a named deity).
· Unstructured time to rest, sleep regenerate and embrace our subtle energies; one of the most essential and most overlooked of our needs in a fast paced world.
· Body work of all kinds for releasing physical and emotional blocks and eliminating toxins.

The influence of the Wood Tiger

How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World

The Wood Tiger pillar exerts it influence on the energy of the year and also strongly affects the month of February, first month of the Solar Year. The Wood Tiger is the most industrious of the five Tiger types. The predominance of Wood element stimulates creativity. The Wood Tiger month is an excellent time to initiate any creative project you have been thinking of or planning.

You can count on an energy packed start to the year. Because it is Wood energy it’s very usable. Powered by the Wood energy of this Tiger raw materials can be turned into usable objects. The same holds true for abstract ideas. They can be turned into completed projects. Put this energy to work to initiate any project.

The Take-away:
Four Pillars is not an exact science. After several decades and thousands of charts, I learned a few things and have witnessed its benefit to many clients.

How to Live The Life of Your Dreams and Save The World

Although in some circles it’s believed that the charts are predictive of events to come, my experience and research has shown that the charts describe the type and quality of energy we can expect. Like a weather report that can alert us to the possibility of rain so that we can make the appropriate wardrobe choices, and perhaps grab an umbrella. What actually happens, ultimately, depends on the choices we make. Therein is the power and value of Four Pillars. The information revealed in the charts supports making the best choices in almost any situation and area of life. Four pillars is an excellent adjunct to life coaching, therapy, energy work and almost any modality that seeks to eliminate blocks and restore a full and vibrant life experience.

You can learn a lesson from the tiny raindrop!

Once you live in genuine truth about yourself without shame or guilt you can take a gentle action like the raindrop. Unlike the raindrop, you have an infinite number of choices. Like the raindrop every action creates a ripple. This ripple spreads to your closest friends and family first; then to your community; to your city and state; then nation and the world; and out into the cosmos. This is known as the Microcosm, Macrocosm analogy; revered by some of the most enlightened cultures and civilizations.

Even the gentlest action creates a ripple that can affect the entire Universe.

Living in the truth of your most essential self will open the door to living your dream life without resistance or impediment.

We are all made of stardust. This knowledge can give you the confidence to proceed knowing that you are already a part of all there is.

In essence this is what Four Pillars strives to achieve. Clarity and an honest and intimate knowledge of self; without impediment!

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