Oh Vey, Feng Shui!

The roadblocks in our business that we can clearly see are not necessarily what is holding us back.

For some of us, we are affected more by what we can’t see. It’s about what we feel. All appears clear and in order on the outside, but on the inside, we still feel uneasy. That feeling of uneasiness speaks to the principles of Feng Shui. It’s a system of  principles that focus on how you arrange your space in relation to the flow of energy and the results you receive.

Feng Shui “speaks” in metaphors. What  is happening in your space is a reflection of what is happening in your life. Those principles take into account the places where we you physically store your things as a reflection of the thoughts stored in your mind – or your subconscious

How Dowsing in Your Space Can Rack Up Revenues

We’ve all had that feeling when entering a room or a space, that something just was not right.
How many of us actually take the time to stop, notice, and become aware?

I have found most people’s perceptions regarding Feng Shui relates to where you place your desk, files, or chair. Maybe it’s all about the color or décor. They presume there are just one or two choices. That’s it.

Whoa, it is so much more!
It is that moment we say, “Oy vey, I just can’t take this anymore!”

Here is your first SUCCESS key: Without awareness there cannot be change.

Take a moment; what is your “Oy vey?”
Does it feel like new clients aren’t coming through the door?

Do you feel stuck in the mud, and can’t seem to move forward?

Are files and papers piling up all around you?

Does everything look perfect, clean, clear, and appealing?
But, you know something just doesn’t feel right?

Bingo…That’s awareness!

Let’s take an example of how this affects realtors: You have a listing on the market that just won’t sell. You have diligently worked with the client… cleaning, purging, painting, staging – it looks fabulous. The price is right. The location perfect! All properties in the area are moving;but, this one property – nothing. “Oy Vey!” you say.

The realtor did everything right, by painting and  staging. But, there is something in the way of the desired outcome of the sale. Think about it this way – all of those efforts are like putting fresh flowers in dirty water.

Time to call in Feng Shui.

The ultimate Feng Shui process includes a practice called “dowsing” – the time tested tool for accessing information in our environment. Very scientifically, it accesses the information beyond the physical.

First, we use dowsing to identify the energy of our environment that we can feel. Just like on a cold, blustery day, you can feel the wind as you step outside. We do not see it. But, we know it is there.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have energy that we may identify in our physical space. It comes in the shape of the objects that direct our movement and flow. Is a chair blocking your direct path to something you access every day? Together these energies create our experience, each just as important as the other.

Dowsing provides information without judgement. We ask to find the information creating the disturbance. The disturbance would be isolated based on the issue. In this case for the realtor, it would be preventing the sale of the property.

The desired outcome is to sell the house, which is reached by releasing stress and clearing the energy.

Whether preparing a property for sale or moving clients into a new home, it’s important to clear the energy of any stress or leftover residue from prior occupants.

This can also be said of clearing the residual energy of the builders and landscapers! Everyone involved in that home leaves their imprint, or their “scent” so to speak.

Dowsing may be just part of the prescription to clear the roadblocks to your desired outcome

Once the fog has lifted, you feel like a million bucks – and have the potential to earn that as a realtor!

Feng Shui resources use tools, such as dowsing, to create the right prescription to integrate the seen with the unseen.
The most important part of this equation is YOU!

Here’s a favorite Feng Shui tip that will get you on your way to solving your “Oy Vey!”

“Fabulous Firsts”
Be aware of the first thing you see when you awaken each morning. Or, the first thing you see as you enter your office, or sit at your desk, or in your favorite chair. Use these first images to fill you up with feelings support.

We are made up of many different thoughts and feelings, all of which are on-call 24/7. They guide us to keep us safe, to make decisions, and to direct us to our desired outcome.

Use these “firsts” to create supportive feelings. Now, start to observe when those feelings aren’t so nurturing. When do you find yourself getting irked, annoyed or frustrated?

For example, take notice of your experience when you enter your office. Is it easy? Is it a struggle? Is it effortless to get to the door? Does the door open easily or does it stick?

How does the first thing we see make us feel? These are all of the “imprints” we are creating day after day. But, here is how it’s affecting us in a bigger way. Back to our example of the office door that sticks. Since your mind anticipates that is going to happen, even before you start your trek to your office, you feel the tension in your neck starting to build, and soon your back hurts, and your mood turns sour. Why? Because your body knows it’s about to go into war with that office door again.

Can you see how powerful noticing these “firsts” are and how you can remedy your roadblocks? It is in your best interests to set your stage, to create your best-intention imprints. It’s easy.

Begin by noticing how you feel during one of your fabulous firsts – if the feeling does not serve you, take a moment to decide what one thing you can do to change it? In this case, a good handyman! Begin with just one thing, then move on to notice the next. Small steps yield powerful results.

Lois Kramer-Perez, Cht. is the go to expert when you’re finally ready to receive passionate relationships, a peaceful home, and a life you love. A catalyst for change, inspiring people to seek and create new possibilities, she puts her 10+ years of feng shui energy clearing to work for relators, divorcees, business owners, and mom’s running a busy household, putting them in the drivers seat with their relationships and spaces. She is a sought-after speaker, expert, and published author; creator of popular programs such as “Clearing Meditation Circle” and the “Feng Shui Your Space and Your Soul”. Lois has been invited to speak at Morgan Stanley, Bergen County Professional Women’s Network, Holistic Moms Network, RESA. Lois is a faculty member at Emerson and Ridgewood Community Schools in NJ, a top contributor to Natural Awakenings and Inner Realm publications, to name a few. Certified Practitioner in Feng Shui, Hynosis and NLP, Lois is a Board Member of the International Feng Shui Guild, Director of Member Support since February 2013 – Present.