Did you ever walk into space, and it didn’t feel right? What is it that you were feeling? Was it the color of the walls, the high ceilings, the clutter, an unusual shape, a tight closed furniture arrangement, or an odor? What you were feeling was the energy of the space. All things contain energy, animate and inanimate. Energy is everywhere and in everything.

In the Eastern world they call it feng shui, however here in our western world we call it the feel of the place, or the art of placement.

I am inviting you to awaken your senses to what surrounds you, and to begin to feel, and recognize the energy of your home. Experience the energy of the shapes, colors, and their placements. Become more conscious of the Law of Energy, Like Attracts Like, and know that your environment influences and affects your well-being and your mental attitudes. It is also very important to understand the intention supporting your design choices. Why did you choose the accessory and what is its purpose? What message does it bring to your environment. Is it a trend? Are you decorating, or are you consciously, and intentionally selecting what supports your hearts desires. Intention is the fuel which will give your design choices, potency, purpose, and the desired outcome.

In this article, I will use mirrors, an accessory we all have in our homes, to introduce you to the ‘feel” of what surrounds you. Perhaps a new awakened sense.

Here’s Looking At You

Mirrors & Their Purpose

· Reflection of Self
· Mirrors open opportunities
· Reduce stress
· Bring more light into a room
· Can create an expansive view
· Can pull fresh energy into a space
· Can speak of your self image
· Decorative accessory

Why do we use mirrors? Mirrors are multi purposeful, and in our Conscious Intentional Feng Shui world, they are often called the aspirin for our re-designs.

Here’s Looking At You

All Mirrors are not the Same

Here are three differently designed mirrors each expressing energy with a diverse subliminal message, which potentially influences your thoughts and wellbeing. One has the energy and feeling of a fractured pattern. One has a singular more unifying movement, and one has a feel of sharpness, a burst of energy which goes in many directions, a scattered energy that has sharp points. Each mirror brings about a different feeling which influences focus, decision making, comfort and wellbeing.

We are all influenced by what we see in our surroundings. When seeing these three examples would you agree each has a different feeling?

Here’s Looking At You

Feel the Difference

When placing and choosing a mirror, ask yourself, what is the purpose and what feeling do you require in the space? Look at the shape, color and size.

The shapes represent the 5 natural elements in feng shui. The size of the mirror can influence your emotional and mental responses, and setting your intent or purpose helps to create well-being. Awaken your senses and identify and listen to the silent voice of the shapes. Each shape belongs to a specific element.

Here are some helpful tips to help you identify and define the shape and their meanings. It’s easy when you think of a shape, as an expression, of the actual energy of the feng shui element.

Here’s Looking At You


· Circular décor items bring into your home the energy of clarity, preciseness, equality and unity
· This shape allows for free, fresh and equal flow of energy between family members
· Round shapes in FS represent the metal energy

A round mirror brings a sense of unity. It is the shape that allows for an equal flow of energy.

Round Mirror


· Triangular shapes can cut off parts of the view
· Triangular shapes in Feng Shui represent the Fire energy

Decor items with stars and triangular shapes belong to the fire element.

Triangle Mirror


· Square shapes bring in balance, stability, strong, protective and grounding
· The square shape in Feng Shui belongs to the Earth Element

The square shape belongs to the Earth element. The easy way to remember this association is to feel how the square shape expresses earthy energy, its grounding, stable, protective, and balanced.

Square Mirror


· Has an upward movement
· The shape lifts the energy
· Rectangular shapes represent the wood energy in Feng Shui

The rectangular shape supports growth, whether it is vertical or horizontal.

Rectangle Mirror


· Curvy, Wavy, flowing or curved shapes in your home décor are expressions of fluidity, flowing, and endlessly graceful
· Wavy lines in Feng Shui represent the water element

Curvy Mirror

Art of Placement

As an Intentional Design Consultant, I have come to recognize the pitfalls of many designers and decorators who often choose to play up a fireplace with a central mirror. They will place the mirror to counteract the visual weight of the hearth, or for the sparkle it provides. In most instances never taking into consideration what the mirror reflects.

Most experts will warn you to be mindful of what your mirror reflects. Mirrors in feng shui are like taking an aspirin, they’re prescribed often to treat many ailments. They’re a quick adjustment used to expand space, or to bring in more light. Always be sure they’re reflecting a beautiful view and not a stack of bills, or your crown molding, a broken window, or doorways. Remember to place your mirror with intention.

Do’s & Dont’s

· Void of distortion
· Cracks
· Chips
· Foggy
· Smokey
· Or mirror chips

· Large or small, mirrors are to be hung so that at least the entire head of the tallest occupant is seen.
· It can deplete one’s energy to see the image cut off or distorted.

Here’s Looking At You
Here’s Looking At You

One of my favorite ways of incorporating mirrors is to expand a small area and to bring light. As an example, enlarging a dining room with mirrors is a wonderful cure for small spaces, and when the mirror reflects the bounty on the table, wealth abounds!

When you hang a mirror, connect it to an intention, like expanding the opportunities in your life. Keep them clean. Use them for more than filling a space.

In your morning routine, take a moment when looking into your bathroom mirror and self- reflect. Support your day, by acknowledging the beauty and personal power we each have within. Trust in your ability to create beauty, prosperity, calm, ease, grace, and self-healing, and trust in your omnipresence which appears before you.

Love your reflection!!

Here’s Looking At You
Here’s Looking At You