2023 the Water Rabbit inspires us to heal our relationships. Get started on the right foot, begin with healing the relationship with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is how your relationships with others are created. You are inspired & ready to heal relationships in your life, first begin with you.

Practice self-compassion, how kind & understanding are you towards yourself, especially during challenging times. Recognizing mistakes and experiencing failure is part of our human experience, begin to treat yourself with the kindness and understanding that you would offer someone you care about.
Practicing self-compassion, you improve your relationship with yourself, you reduce feelings of self-judgment, self-criticism, and shame. Stop judging yourself & you will stop judging others.

Cultivate self-awareness, begin understanding your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Being self-aware, you will recognize patterns in your relationships & identify triggers causing adverse reactions. This is the first step for you to begin to “respond” rather than “react.”

Heal Your Relationships, Beginning with You

You become conscious of your interactions and find yourself being present & considerate of the other person in the situation.
Cultivating self-awareness is a great way for you to get to know the real you.
Become the person you truly are rather than who you think you are supposed to be.

My favorite method of self-awareness is understanding my 5 Element Archetype.

5 Element Archetype System describes the interactions and relationships between the five elements: Water, Tree, Fire, Earth & Metal. Each element represents different personality qualities, behaviors, and emotions. By understanding the Five Element Archetypes, you gain insights into your own personality and the personality of others. This is a powerful tool which helps you to heal and strengthen your relationships, first by understanding & being yourself “on purpose” & then by having the capacity to see & understand others.
Understanding the Elemental Archetypes helps you to understand different personality qualities, their strengths and weaknesses. For example, someone who embodies the Tree element may be action, goal-oriented and not too patient, while someone who embodies the Water element may be more introspective, sensitive & reflective. As you begin to understand these personality types, you can better communicate and relate to others in a way that resonates with their personality.

Identifying Communication Styles of the Five Element Archetype helps you to express yourself and communicate clearly. Example, someone who has the Fire element quality, may be passionate dramatic & expressive with a short attention span, while someone with the Metal element may be more reserved & analytical & empathic. By understanding these communication styles, you adapt your own communication style to better resonate with others, which can result in clear communications and understanding, ultimately creating connecting relationships.

You will also begin to understand the comfort zones. For instance, and Earth quality person is not comfortable with change & are also more comfortable giving than receiving.
I just heard “Where do I begin?”
Begin with you, being kind, compassionate, self-aware and step into being who you truly are. Be yourself on purpose.

Before you learn about the 5 Element Archetypes, start by paying attention. When you are in conversation with someone, listen, really listen, listen to how they are showing up, notice how they “hear” express and be.

Once you begin to understand who you are – you will be open to accept others who they are.
As you begin to realize that “it is not always about you” – you can see the people in your relationships as they are, understanding how to communicate for both of your greatest good!

Here is a fun way to get to know yourself & the people in your life learning all about the 5 Element Archetypes: On your time, On Demand Class: https://bit.ly/FengShuiforYourSoul.

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