Translated, Feng Shui means Wind Water. Wind represents the energy we cannot see but we can feel. “Water represents the energy in our physical spaces we can see. I have found that Feng Shui principles bring balance to our energy by expanding our awareness. Through awareness we notice what is driving our feelings and better yet, we cultivate our ability to create an environment promoting healthy living spaces, while supporting our emotional, physical and spiritual life. With Feng Shui we become the “Drivers of Our Destiny.”

So, what does this have to do with our pets? Everything! We are energy, we are communicating all the time by just showing up. We feel the energy before we are even conscious of what is happening. We have all experienced walking into a room feeling uncomfortable, as if we walked into the middle of an argument? Or felt immediately comfortable, safe and secure entering a new place? All living things are feeling things. Our pets have highly developed senses, they pick up messages from energy just as keenly as they do from a scent.

Feng Shui is Fabulous for Pets

Have you noticed how your pets’ respond to you depending on your emotional state? How different does your pet, particularly dogs, respond when you are agitated or excited as opposed to being in a calm and peaceful state? I have learned that dogs are attracted to positive energy, they bask in “feel good” places. If a dog will not go into a room or an area, there is surely an imbalance in the space, this can be a result of a person’s energy or an imbalance in the earth energy. Cats on the other hand transmute negative energy fields, have you ever noticed how your cat may rest on your tummy if you have a tummy ache, or sleep on/near a computer?

How do we Feng Shui for our pets? Simple – we create a balanced environment to support their greatest good and that has everything to do with how we feel as well.

Notice how you feel when you come into your home, do you feel calm and peaceful or distracted and chaotic? As you create an environment supporting you, your pets will benefit.

Create a secure and nurturing home for your pet. Do they have a specific area for “nesting” and sleeping, notice where they spend their time. Where is your pets’ designated eating area? Is it “in the way” or do they have a comfortable area of their own. Choose healthy food and water bowls, and keep them clean. Depending on your pet you may want to choose ceramic or stainless steel bowls for food and fresh water.

Treat your pet with the same consideration as you treat yourself, the quality of the food you eat, the water you drink and the dishes and utensils used for your preparation. And if you find that you pay more attention to your pets – begin to give yourself that same consideration.

Life experiences for your pets are just as important as their secure comfortable home life. Two very important experiences for your pets are going to Veterinarian and going to the Groomer.

I enjoyed my Feng Shui consultation project with the Veterinary Wellness Center at 196 Rock Road, Glen Rock NJ. Dr. Dennis Sepulveda’s vision was to create a healing space that supported his love of animals. A compassionate Veterinarian, Dr. Dennis understands the relationship between energy and space. Think about how you feel when it’s time for a visit to the Dr.’s office, whether a check-up or a healing, just the thought of it can cause anxious feelings. Our feelings are transmitted to our pets, they soon associate those anxious feelings with a visit to the Veterinarian. My goal was to create a peaceful, nurturing environment, as it is just as important for the “people” to feel safe, calm and peaceful as it is for their much loved pets. The experience at the clinic is designed to be supportive for all who visit as well as the Dr. and his staff, promoting optimal health and wellbeing. The colors and décor were specifically chosen for just that, opting for a magical wall mounted fish tank in the waiting room, rather than a television set.

Feng Shui is Fabulous for Pets
Feng Shui is Fabulous for Pets

The original art throughout the clinic was thoughtfully chosen as Dr. Dennis commissioned artist Tom James whose art portrays animals in soft abstract form supporting the healthy, peaceful environment. See for yourself at

Feng Shui is Fabulous for Pets

Robin Droescher, an avid animal lover and talented designer had a vision to create the ultimate spa experience for dog grooming, no cages here – Robin opted for friendly “backyard-like pens with white picket fences” and the grooming stations are akin to a luxurious salon.

Feng Shui teaches you to honor and respect all things living, nature, man and animals. Your biggest influence in this world to people, places, pets, and all living things is how you show up. Your behavior, your actions, the vibrations you emit speak volumes. So, the next time you are ready to feed, walk, or book an appointment for your pet, notice how YOU feel about this experience – Does it feel good? Are you calm? Agitated? Nervous? Chances are how you are feeling is being transmitted to your pet. Choose peace.

Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt. is a Certified Feng Shui, NLP & Past Life Regression Practitioner & Educator working with people creating healthy abundant lifestyles embracing the feng shui principles for people, places and things. Feng Shui for Your Space & Your Soul. Questions how Feng Shui can help you? Schedule your “Discover Your Shui” call at Visit for your free “Ten-Minute Tune-Up.”

*Photo of Veterinary Wellness waiting room by Rick Tracy 201-874-1294

*Original Art by Artist Tom James 201-638-3809