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Archetypes of the Empowered Feminine

The Mother, The Lover, The Amazon, The Medial and the Queen!

A fabulous day of fun and exploration with the Roses… Who is your Inner Queen? She who holds sovereignty over your life and choices… What does she look like? Does she shout and stamp her feet? Create a drama to be heard? Does she shrink and hide? Is she still a Princess? Or is she The Queen of Hearts?

The healthy Queen sits on her Throne surrounded by her 4 supporters…
Her Inner Mother, Her Inner Lover, Her Inner power as the Amazon (no… not that one J )- the fearless wild woman of courage and action!
And her Inner Medial/Sorceress – the Mystical intuitive aspect of the Feminine

We will be exploring the shadow and healthy sides to these Archetypes and how we can come to rest in that place of compassionate, strong, wise woman energy that is the true Queen… she is the true Pink/Golden Rose of the Heart

We will be working with the beautiful Rose Alchemy Oracle to give guidance and direction to insights as we journey with the Archetypes creating your own unique Rose Circle signature as a Crown.

There will be opportunities in the day for reflection and journaling and we will be working with gentle movement, meditation and sound to gather insights and inspiration to nurture and resource ourselves.

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