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Come explore the Inner landscape of your Heart and the Whispered messages contained within the Rose Ba Gua, which are here to assist you take the next steps on your life journey with clarity and confidence.

In this totally unique approach to the traditional Feng Shui Ba Gua Sandy will guide you through the lens of the Rose Codes of consciousness to explore your Inner Visionary, Inner Creatrix, Inner Lover and Inner Manifestor. Four key aspects of your life and Soul expression in the world.

This is an experiential class so be open to receive new insights about yourself! We will have time in the class for reflection and journaling which may reveal where you can shift focus and attention to make changes. When our inner landscape shifts so does the outer. Lasting change is an inside job!

The Rose BaGua invites you to come fully present in this time we have together. The Roses offer a perfect opportunity to refine your pathway forward aligned to your highest Souls’ calling. What is true for you now in these unprecedented times we are navigating through? How much has changed in your life? and what are you now Visioning forward?

Sandy will also be sharing how to activate the different areas of focus and set a Rose grid to support your process.
$55 to include your copy of the beautiful Rose Ba Gua

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