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This four part series : Positively transform all your relationships with the power of high vibration energy.

Class 1: The Mysteries of Energetic Attraction

• How all relationships begin in the realms of energy.
• The components that cause energetic attraction and compatibility between people.
• “Twin flame” and soulmate” relationships–what are they and do they really exist.
• How masculine and feminine energies are different and how they flow through us.
• Why “like calls to like” and yet “opposites attract.”
• The natures of energy that accompany the different stages of our life and how these changes affect our relationships.

All our relationships begin in the realms of energy. By understanding the dynamics of energy exchange, you can consciously create the high vibration relationships you desire. In this 4-part series, you will learn about the natures of masculine, feminine, and psychological energies and how to work with them to create greater harmony and construct high vibration energy fields between you and other people. You will discover how all significant relationships meet three tests of time, the secrets to building enduring relationships, and the energy science underlying all relationship dynamics. Gain a new perspective and fresh insights into how to attract, create, and keep the types of relationships you desire!

$145.00 Cost for the four part series.

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